Post Office at Pine Ridge

ON top of runnin about the best store there are in this end of the county, Dick Huddleston is our postmaster and has been fer a powerful long time. Being hooked up with the giverment that way Dick has got to know more about politicks than most any other feller here abouts, and most everybody takes time out to stop in and talk with Dick about who to vote fer in any kind of a elecktion.

Far as we can figger out, Dick aint advised nobody wrong yet, because if you ask him who to vote fer he'll allus tell you everthing, good or bad, about both candidates and let you figger out your own conclusions.

Haveing the post office in his store may mean some extry business to Dick now and then, fer most everbody draps in on him at least oncet or twice a week to see if they got any mail, or to stand around and watch the fokes that did. One good thing about the post office is that it's the only place in Pine Ridge where you can get a ink blotter that don't have a insurance or a real estate ad on it. That's one of the nice things about our giverment.

Ever once in awhile, the giverment sends Dick a new batch of pictures and descriptions about fellers that's wanted fer this or that. Like, blowing up a railroad train or robbing the mint. Dick could keep all those pictures hisself and not let anybody else look at em if he wanted to, and when one of these fellers come along Dick could collect the rewards. But he don't do that. He puts the pictures right out where arry person can see them and have a good chanct to get a reward theirselves.

Far as we know, there aint never been a time yet when any of these bandit fellers come to Pine Ridge. but it's nice of Dick just in case.

Dick's about the best out loud reader there are in Pine Ridge, and he subscribes to no end of city papers and such just fer the benefit of fokes here who can't do their own reading or who can't find money enough to take the paper theirselves. Sunday papers general get here on Monday, so on Monday afternoon or night you can always find most everbody down to Dick's store to hear him read all the news or explain the funny picktures. Another good time is on Thursday, when the paper conies in from the county seat.

Back some years ago the giverment put in a bunch of lock boxes in the post office, and it made quite a to do here because everbody whether they got any mail or not, jest had to have one of them boxes so they could carry the key on their watch chain and step up real importance to open up their box whenever they went into Dick's store. During the first month them boxes was there fokes jest about wore a groove in the floor boards of Dick's store parading in and out fer a look into their box. It didn't seem to make much difference that the mail carrier arrived from the county seat only once a day, or if they had already looked in the box a half a dozen times that morning, they had to have a new look jest fer the benefit of the other fokes who hadn't been around when they looked the furst time.