2nd Month




29 Days

This month got hits name from a old time sociable at which fokes used to get all breshed and worshed up, figgering hit was a good time to get shet of all their bad habits and old clothes. Fokes born in February will look fer the bright side of things and you can depend on em fer nice dispositions.

Date Day moon signs Today in History or Thereabouts Birthday Predictions and Observations
1 Mo VI Somewhere in Feb. 1896 there was a revolt in Cuba Watch out fer a tall feller with a long mustache.
2 Tu LI Peace treaty with Mexico--1848 Avoid hot vittels. You ort to live to be a hundert.
3 We LI U.S. cuts relations with Germany--1917 Your success will be good and certain if you go into business today.
4 Th LI Attack on Manila--1899 If you was figgering to, don't propose.
5 Fr SC Sir Robert Peel born--1788 You are goeing on a long journey.
6 Sa SC Teapot Dome beginnin' to simmer Good day for making investments in things like oil and spinach.
7 Su SA Caxton printin' office razed by fire--1821 Beware of that feller you are going with. He aint the type.
8 Mo SA Taxi strike ends, N.Y. City--1934 Avoid argyments today.
9 Tu CAP Military service act starts in Eng.--1916 Good luck day fer soldiers and sailors. Others not so good.
10 We CAP Upper and lower Canada united--1841 You will be married to a red headed man.
11 Th CAP Thomas A. Edison born--1847 You are going to make a big discovery.
12 Fr AQ Lincoln's birthday--1809 Stay to home today--or go on out.
13 Sa AQ Ethan Allen died--1789 Good day to get haircut. (See Mose Moots--haircuts and shaves cheep.)
14 Su PI Valentine's Day Happy day fer nice old ladies.
15 Mo PI Assassain attacks Pres. Roosevelt--1933 Don't borrow nothing today if you can avoid hit.
16 Tu AR Mayor Cermak dies of wounds--1933 You've got to work hard to sucksede, but don't fear nothing.
17 We AR Belgian King, Albert, died--1934 Today you ort to avoid climbing mountains or stairs or ladders.
18 Th AR U.S. and Japs fix labor squabble--1908 You are going to eat a strange meal with strange folks.
19 Fr AR Spring thaw, Pine Ridge--1937 Keep out of the wet today. You might ketch cold.
20 Sa GE Yesterday was a mistake. It snowed instead Your best friend will give you the cold shoulder--er, will igganore you.
21 Su GE Dutchmens strafe Verdon again--1916 Unexpected success is coming your way.
22 Mo CAN George Washington borned--1732 Keep away from eating cherry pie and green apples.
23 Tu CAN Wm. Horlick born--1846 Good day to start off in most any kind of business.
24 We CAN U.S.S. Carib mined--1915 One of your fondest things is going to blow up on you.
25 Th LE Hot day today at the Equator--1937 Better stay in the shade today.
26 Fr LE Yesterday it weren't hot in Pine Ridge Don't get into any argyments today that you can't settle yourself.
27 Sa LI Reichstag burned up--1933 People are coming to visit you from far away.
28 Su LI Henry Pu Yi made Manchu emperor--1934 Don't get mixed up in other fokes business.
29 Mo There aint no such day this year. Today you are going to inherit a million dollars.