Mayor Peabody's Home

MOST representative home in Pine Ridge is owned by our Mayor, Abner Peabody, who lives there with his worman Elizabeth and theyre daughter Pearl, and Elizabeth's cat and Abner's two huntin dogs, Blue and William.

Fer a home, hits a right nice place to live at. Abner has a full set of staryscope views includ­ing the Pyramids, Brooklyn Bridge, Lovers Leap and a lot of Chinese junks. They also got a conk shell that Abner's niece Dulcy sent from Galveston so they can hear the sea when you listen to it.

Abner don't get to use that parlor very much, because most general the shades is kept drawed and hit don't get aired out much except maybe at weddings and funerals. But even so, Elizabeth is about the housecleaningest somebody a person's apt to meet in a long time.

Elizabeth takes to work bout the way most wormen folks would take to buying theirselves a hat. She is as stout as a white oak stump, and Abner says she can stand up to hard work as good as arry mule you ever seen. She's most generally allus up before day bust, cookin or stewin, or out in the fields hepping with the crops. Or if she aint out in the field, she's out behind the house, churning or making soap or something.

When she takes time out to rest up, most generally she's busy in the house, going over the furnchure with a damp rag, or turning over the bed ticking, or worshing up the floors with soap suds. Seems as though she just aint happy unless she's bent over a worsh tub or chopping wood, or scrubbing out the cubbard shelves four or five times a day.

On account of Elizabeth, Abner can take pride in having the purtyest front yard there air in Pine Ridge.

Almost ever day she's out there in summer time, taking a trowel to the dandelions or getting at the tall grass with a sickle. And all them flower beds she planted herself, and she's outlined ever one of them with empty snuff bottles or whiteworshed stones.

Abner's girl Pearl is also a great hep to her ma. Pearl is also a turrible great hand at singing, and has about the best altory voice in Pine Ridge, which comes in handy whenever Mayor Peabody entertains visiting potentates or other mayors. We aint had any to entertain here yet, but it would of come in handy if we did. Pearl is mighty nigh as good as Elizabeth when it comes to chopping cotton, and there are fokes who declare she can even beat her ma when it comes to cake baking.

What with one thing and another, Abner has about the most up to date house here. They got about ever kind of improvements a bodyd want in a house, such as a zinc in the kitchen and a cisterns pump, and here awhile back Ab­ner bought Elizabeth two bran new tubs and a new worsh board. They been talking some of late about getting a carpet sweeper, and probably will as soon as Elizabeth and Pearl get that new rag rug finished fer the parlor. There don't seem to be much sense to getting a sweeper because the way Elizabeth and Pearl take to housecleaning nobody ever saw a piece of dirt on any of their rugs big enough fer a ant to detour around. But Abner says a feller has to humor the wormen fokes once in awhile, which ort to make him about the biggest hearted feller in the cammunity since it weren't more than a month ago when he bought Elizabeth a new chopping axe.