1st Month




31 Days

Janawary was named fer a feller called Janus, and cording to the way Roman fokes looked at hit, this feller Janus was the guardian of doors and gates. Also, he had two faces and looked both ways to once. Their aint much will serprise fokes born this month, and they general start things theirselves.

Date Day moon signs Today in History or Thereabouts Birthday Predictions and Observations
1 Fr LE New Years Day Stay to home today. It'll settle dinner, and keep you from chunkin' snowballs.
2 Sa LE Georgia enlisted in the U.S.--1788 Feller with a tall story is looking for you.
3 Su VI Mahatma Gandhi got threw in jail--1932 Poor day for folks who wear one piece suits. Your future hangs on a safety pin.
4 Mo VI Newton born--1642 Avoid slippery spots on sidewalk.
5 Tu VI Newton fell from cradle proving gravity--1642 You got a good letter coming. Next week, this time, get out a snow shovel.
6 We LI Teddy Roosevelt passed away--1919. Poor day to travel. Do your visiting on the party line.
7 Th LI Cedric becomes one-man fire truck--1936 Some old feller will bring you good news. Proberly the mailman.
8 Fr SC New Orleans took by John Bull--1815 You are going to get into a argyment about business.
9 Sa SC Johnnie Rebs and Durned Yanks fit--1861 Today you better watch out for getting mad at folks.
10 Su SC Coldest day in Pine Ridge--51 below--1903 Good day to hunt for bargains. (Visit the Jot 'Em Down Store--we got 'em.)
11 Mo SA France took over the Ruhr--1923 Business dickers made today will succede sure.
12 Tu SA John Hancock borned--1737 Some stranger is giving you compliments behind your back.
13 We CAP Esthonia say its going to be independent--1923 Watch out for falling in love today. It won't work out right.
14 Th CAP Danes give Norway to Swedes--1814 Folks you hire today will be your friends for life.
15 Fr AQ Big snow at North Pole--1937 Fine day for folks to travel south.
16 Sa AQ U.S. passes anti-headache amendment--1919 Beware of arguing today. The other feller is going to be right.
17 Su PI Ben Franklin borned--1706 Not a good day to open your pocketbook. You are going on a journey.
18 Mo PI European peace pipe lit, Paris--1919 Fine day for working out puzzles, and figuring income tax.
19 Tu PI Disraeli died--1848 Pancakes et for breakfast today will rest heavy tonight.
20 We AR England and Uncle Sam quit fighting--1783 Prosperous day for skaters, skiiers and sleighride partyers.
21 Th AR Today it snows in Maine--any year If you're planning to propose, do it today for sure.
22 Fr AR Queen Victoria up and died--1901 Somebody's planning a surprise party for you.
23 Sa AR "Bounty" burned at Pitcairn's Island--1790 Today you'll get in half a dozen fights.
24 Su GE Welfare Island raided--New York--1934 Some old friend will give you a batch of advice.
25 Mo GE Herby Hoover made head of European relief--1919 Fine day for advertisers. Toot your own horn.
26 Tu CAN Michigan jined up--1937 Watch out for arguments with Eskimos and Arabs.
27 We CAN Tom Edison patented newfangled lamp--1880 Light into things, and pay attention to no secrets today.
28 Th LE Alf Landon's state add to U.S.--1861 You are going to marry young and be a sukcess.
29 Fr LE Pump by Caleb Weehunt's froze up--1936 Good day for swapping. If you got to argy with the police do it now.
30 Sa LE Franklin D. Roosevelt borned--1832 Look for old-timey friend if you want advise today ('er any other day).
31 Su VI Abner got new chopping axe for Lizbeth--1925 Look out fer good news. You got a celebrate coming.