COMES 1937--

About a year ago we figgered to do some advertisin' for the Jot 'Em Down Store, so we got the idy that folks would find a almanac not only useful but enter­tainment for a whole year. Away in the bark, on one of the calendar pages, we put a note askin fokes if they would like anothern and to write us if they did.

We guess you musta liked our last almanac, because we got quite a stack of letters real recent wanting a new one. Since we wrote the other, Abner has been elected Mayor of Pine Ridge and Lum has the best interests of the community at heart, so one way you look at it we're kind of a Chamber of Commerce for Pine Ridge. So this time we figgered to advertise the whole town, and not just the store like we did last time.

Since last time we dug up a lot of different history dates, and we also got something perdicted for each day in the year. But aside from that, we wanted all our friends to know what all the buildings in Pine Ridge looked like, so we've got pictures of everthing and descriptions of what they're all about.

We hope you like this almanac even better than the last one, and we know you'll be glad to tell your friends about it so that they can ask for one, too.

      Sincerely Yours,

      Lum and Abner