Things for Young Folks
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SOMETHING ABOUT BOOKS: All girls should know how to talk interestingly, and one of the best places to learn the art is in books. Some books that are very much worthwhile are--

    Little Women: a fine book, however old or young you are.

    The Bobbsey Twins: For very little girls.

    The Life of Maude Adams: For growing-up girls and their mothers.

    The "Cousins" books: Which tell of our cousins in foreign lands.

    Famous Women in History: This tells how great women got to be great.


    Kim: An exciting story for boys of any age.

    Ivanhoe: One of the best books about ancient England.

    Just So Stories: This is fine for little fellows who like stories.

    Conrad's "Youth": An inspiring story of a real adventure.

    Men of Iron: This is all about crusaders.

    Last of the Mohicans: No boy, young or old, should miss this.

Some Games for Real Boys

ROOSTER FIGHT is fun for two boys. Squat down and hold your arms around your knees. You're supposed to stay in a six foot circle, and whoever upsets the other fellow first, wins.

SWAT TAG is good for a bunch. Play it like drop the handkerchief, instead of a handkerchief use a good big folded newspaper. Whoever gets the swatter chases the fellow on his right around the circle--and he swats him plenty if he's fast enough.

INDOOR BASEBALL can be played without bats, balls or any other equipment besides five chairs. Set up four chairs for bases and one for the pitcher's box. Choose up sides. The first player coming to bat sits on the home plate chair. The pitcher fires a question at him. If the batter can answer, he moves to the first base chair. If he can't answer, he's out. Three outs puts a side out, and scores come in as batters move from chair to chair and across home plate. Questions on history, about animals, or things studied in school are just a few things the pitcher can use.

SKUNK TAG is a very old game that a lot of boys can play. Every boy holds his nose with one hand and a foot with the other hand. As long as he hangs on with both hands he can't be tagged, but the boy who is It can tag anyone who lets go with either right or left hand.

BLIND MAN TOUCH is something like blind man's buff turned around. Choose up sides and one extra boy. The extra boy is blind folded, and he stands in the middle of an open space. Both sides approach him cautiously, and the job is to touch the blindman before he hears them. If the blindman hears any boy approach he says ''stop" and points a finger in the direction of the approaching boy. That boy is then called out. The side wins that touches the blindman first. It isn't fair to run up fast and touch the blindman before he can turn to call.

SLAP TAG will keep two boys hands' warm on a cold day. First boy holds his hands in front of him, palms down, on the upturned palms of the second boy. The second boy tries to pull his hand quickly and slap the first boy's hand on the back. If he misses, the first boy gets a chance to slap.


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