Before We Close ...

"I'd like to remind you that there's no finer drink for the whole family than Horlick's. Rich in vitamins and body-building, strengthening elements, Horlick's provides essential nourishment in the most readily digested form.

Give Horlick's to your children. They'll love its delicious, enticing flavor, and its wholesome goodness will do them a world of good. There's no better food drink for the young growing body.

If you have to be careful about your food--if your digestion demands nourishing, energy-giving, easily digested food--then you, too, need Horlick's. This famous original malted milk has long been recommended for persons with weak digestions, for the elderly and for convalescents. It's a good idea to drink Horlick's in place of coffee, tea and plain milk.

This is Carlton Brickert, speaking for Lum and Abner and Horlick's, who now bid you all "good bye" and "good health". We hope you have enjoyed this book and that you will be sure to listen to us over the air on the stations (listed on page 3) in this almanac. In the mean­time--give your family Horlick's every day without fail. You can't do them or Lum and Abner a better turn."

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