12th Month



31 Days

Feller that's half horse and half arrow shooter, Sagittarius, runs the month of December. Outdoors folks, and folks with good sense of humor, and writin' ability. Since it's apt to be pretty cold when they're born, folks who have Sagittarius for a birthday sign probably got to have a sense of humor.

Date Day moon signs Today in History or Thereabouts Birthday Predictions and Observations
1 Tu GE Gas lights used first time--1816 Ought to be birthday for bright lights.
2 We CAN Monroe Doctrine--1823 Born today--childrens that stick up for their rights.
3 Th CAN 17 days to shop before Christmas Today's folks usually get places at the last minute.
4 Fr LE Abner Peabody freezes nose--1936 You will have a cold birthday if you were born today.
5 Sa LE Abner Peabody gets nose thawed out--1936 Birthday for folks with melting dispositions.
6 Su LE Germans capture Bucharest--1916 This won't be picked for birthdays by Rumanian folks.
7 Mo VI U. S. declares war on Austria--1917 Birthday folks today inclined to be warlike.
8 Tu VI Japanese earthquake--1921 Only folks that can stand to be shook up a lot born today.
9 We LI Jot 'Em Down Store for X-mas presents (Adv.) Good birthday for bargain hunters.
10 Th LI U.S. and Spain sign peace treaty--1898 Birthday for folks who kiss and make up.
11 Fr LI Indiana gets her star--1816 Good birthday for proud Hoosiers.
12 Sa SC First wireless across Atlantic--1901 Boys born today name 'em Marconi. Girls ought to be named Electra.
13 Su SC Pres. Wilson arrives in France--1918 Good day to pick for peaceful ocean voyages.
14 Mo SA George Washington died--1799 Final rest for the man who put the country together.
15 Tu SA Can't think of what happened today Oh yes--it snowed.
16 We SA Boston Tea Party--1773 Folks had tea flavored oysters to eat for a week.
17 Th CAP Prohibition submitted to the states--1917 Birthday for folks who try noble experiments.
18 Fr CAP Wright brothers airplane flew--1903 Born today you'll have wings for sure.
19 Sa AQ L. Edwards says airplanes wont work--1903 If you were born today you are a skeptic.
20 Su AQ Mr. Edwards guesses he was wrong--1936 Dedicated to folks who find out that they sometimes make mistakes.
21 Mo PI Pilgrims landed in Plymouth--1620 Birthday for people whose great, great, great kin sailed Mayflower.
22 Tu PI Capt. Dreyfus courtmartialed--1892 Folks born today generally get exonorated.
23 We AR Pump froze up today Women with birthdays today are hard to thaw out.
24 Th AR Last chance for X-mas shoppers durn 'em "'Twas the night before Christmas--"
25 Fr AR Merry Christmas from Lum and Abner "And so, as Tiny Tim observed, God bless us, every one."
26 Sa AR Admiral George Dewey born--1837 Fine birthday for a fine sea fighter.
27 Su GE Busted Christmas toy day--1936 Childrens born today will take clocks apart.
28 Mo GE Woodrow Wilson born--1856 Birthday for one future Democratic president.
29 Tu GE Texas becomes a state--1815 Rangers birthday, and also for cactus hoppers.
30 We CAN Rudvard Kipling born--1865 Birthday for famous authors and poets.
31 Th CAN U.S.S. Lucy launched--1910. New Years Eve. Childrens born today go to bed late and get up later.