Some Games for Girls

GUESS WHAT: Choose a leader. The leader starts off the game by saying "Name a city (or an animal or a book or anything) starting with B." The girl who first guesses right is given a point. When one girl has 20 points she becomes leader.

CIRCUS SIDE SHOW: Everybody gets to­gether and chooses one girl as master of cere­monies. She tells the girls what kind of a sideshow freak each one is to be (dog-faced-boy, mermaid, snake charmer, etc.) and each girl attempts to make herself look like what she has been chosen to be (the half-white and half-black girl, for instance, is one with a black skirt and a white waist). The girl who has the best get-up is either given a prize, or is made master of ceremonies for the next round.

FOX AND CHICKENS: All but one girl get in a line, putting their arms around the girl in front. The girl at the front of the line is the hen. The one girl not in line is the fox, and she must catch the chickens, one at a time. The hen must protect the chickens by standing in front of them so that the fox cannot touch them. All girls in line must hang on unless they are caught by the fox. The fox must catch the last girl in line first, and so on. Any player who loses hold is caught, and goes over to the fox's nest. If the hen loses all her chickens, she must become the fox.

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Evalina Schultz

A GOOD RAINY DAY amusement can he found in making shadow portraits. Count out, to choose the girl who will be the artist. The artist chooses one helper, and they then go into another room where they put a chair near one wall, and put a strong light on a table beside the chair so that any person sitting in the chair will throw a clear shadow on the wall. One at a time, the other girls are called to sit on the chair, with the side of the face toward the wall. The artist pins a piece of paper on the wall, and with a pencil traces the shadow outline of the girls' head and features. The helper then cuts out the shadow picture with a scissors, and writes the name of the girl on the back. When all pictures have been made this way, artist and helper hang the pictures on a wall (a dark background is best) and the rest of the girls are brought in to identify as rnany portraits as they can. The one who identifies most is given a prize.

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