A SCRAPER FOR BOOTS AND SHOES can be easy made by taking an old ice skate and planting it, runner up, in a new slug of concrete outside the kitchen door.

RECLAIMING OLD OIL from your auto for use in other ways is easy. Put the dirty oil in a can on a shelf. Put an empty can just under it. Then, hang, a piece of one inch rope into the oil, over the edge of the dirty oil can and down into the clean can. Before long, cleared oil will start to drop off the end of the rope into the clean can.

A FLOWER BOX can be made by cuttin' an old water boiler in half long wise. You can use the other half for a waterin' trough, or a feed trough after you solder up the holes. Couple coats of paint won't hurt it.

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Caleb Weehunt

A QUIET BATTERY CHARGER can be had by unhooking the charger from the beam or wall where you got it nailed now, and hanging it up on four springs instead. A coupla heavy door springs, cut in half, are alright, and will take all vibration out of the charger.

FIXING A DECAYED TREE isn't hard and ought to be done anyway. First off, clean her out with a hand axe and finish off with a chisel and scraper. Next give the hole a swabbing out with gasoline. Then give it a coat of shellac or grafting wax (half tallow--half beezwax), and finish her off by stuffing the hole with asphalt or a mixture of white lead and linseed oil.

says Caleb Weehunt

There's nothing like having a flask of Horlick's Tablets along to make any fishing or huntin' trip a complete success. They supply quick nourishment when regular meals are out of the question. They're fine, not only for fishermen and hunters, but for housewives, farmers, office and factory workers, school children and school teachers, motorists and college students alike.