10th Month



31 Days

A pair of level scales, Libra, is the sign post for October. That means that you balance good, that you don't give short weight, and that you give measure for measure. Lum says he must of been born in two different months. He's got too many good qualities to fit only in one month.

Date Day moon signs Today in History or Thereabouts Birthday Predictions and Observations
1 Th PI Spain give Louisiana to France--1800 Birthday for a lot of folks who live in New Orleans.
2 Fr AR Mahatma Gandhi born--1869 Celebrated by folks who make safety pins and cotton pants.
3 Sa AR Germans gittin' fer home--1918 Birthday of fellers who believe in fightin' and runnin' away.
4 Su AR Ferdinand of Bulgaria abdicates 1918 Peoples born today will get off the throne when asked.
5 Mo AR Erie canal got finished--1825 Women born today have shapes like canal boats.
6 Tu GE Mormon church says no more polygamy--1890 Lots of other folks think one wife is plenty.
7 We GE Sister Simpson born--1892(?) Birthday for natteral born busibodies.
8 Th CAN Great Chicago fire--1871 Hottest time they ever had in Chicago.
9 Fr CAN U.S. takes delivery on Alaska--1867 Birthday for gold rushers and salmon fishers.
10 Sa CAN Lum Edwards born--1901 Seems we've said that before. Must be something wrong.
11 Su LE D. A. R. got itself organized--1890 Anniversary day for gals whose kinfolk fought the Revolution.
12 Mo LE Columbus finally arrived--1492 Birthday for people who take a long time getting places.
13 Tu VI Redskin delegation tells Columbus "Howdy"--1492 Birthday for welcoming committees and official greeters.
14 We VI Columbus says "Fine, thankee. And You?"--1492 Folks born today will reply to welcomes.
15 Th VI Lincoln Monument dedicated--1874 Fitting tribute to the Great Emancipator.
16 Fr LI John Brown insurrects--1859 Birthday for insurgents and insurrectos.
17 Sa LI Dana, N.Y. Sun editor, died--1867 Newspaper expression for end of a story is "thirty."
18 Su SC Germans attack Russia on 300 mile front--1916 Folks born today cover considerable territory.
19 Mo SC Cornwallis give up--1781 Born today--you know durn well when you've been licked.
20 Tu SC Spain give Florida to U.S.--1820 Some California folks think it should be give back.
21 We SA Nelson licked French and Spanish at Trafalgar--1805 Birthday for good British sea dogs.
22 Th SA Greek revolt squashed--1923 Sometimes called "The Restaurant Rebellion."
23 Fr CAP Milford Spears (Grandpappy) born 1810 Birthday for firery old codgers.
24 Sa CAP Earthquake shook Montana--1935 Reports out it was a family reunion by fellers named Cogswell.
25 Su AQ Charge of the Light Brigade--1854 Folks born today not afraid to do their duty.
26 Mo AQ Day fer last haircut of year (Advertisement Paid for by Mose Moots.)
27 Tu AQ Teddy Roosevelt born--1858. Navy Day Birthday for stout hearted folks who love their country.
28 We PI Liberty statue showed to public 1886 According to what some think nowdays, it was the last time she was on view.
29 Th PI Philadelphia given charter--1701 Brotherly love is in store for childrens born today.
30 Fr AR Day for takin' in the fence Folks born today are cautious.
31 Sa AR Halloween Birthday folk today put cows on school house roofs.