9th Month



30 Days

Folks with calm minds get born this month under the sign of Virgo. Leastwise, they don't go off half cocked, and they make pretty cool headed neighbors. This month's folks generally have a tough time starting out in life, but they wind up wealthy.

Date Day moon signs Today in History or Thereabouts Birthday Predictions and Observations
1 Tu AQ St. Petersburg changed to Petrograd--1914 Birthday of the person that invented nutmeg graters.
2 We AQ U. S. Treasury Dept. organized--1789 Fellers who sign the dollar bills were born this day.
3 Th PI French Gov't. flees from Paris--1914 Children born today will leave when things get too hot.
4 Fr PI Manhattan Island discovered--1609 There weren't no sidewalks of New York those days.
5 Sa AR First Continental Congress met--1771 Birthday for congressmen and politicians.
6 Su AR Battle of Marne starts--1914 Birthday of folks who bite off more than they can chew.
7 Mo AR Labor Day. Boston settled--1630 Champions of the workin' man celebrate birthdays.
8 Tu AR First Public School in U.S.--1621 Birthday for future school marms.
9 We GE California come into Union--1850 Folks born today like sunshine and the movie business.
10 Th GE Perry's Victory on Lake Erie--1813 Future admirals born today.
11 Fr CAN Battle of Lake Champlain--1814 Same for today.
12 Sa CAN U.S. troops smash San Mihiel salient--1918 Football line smashers and others have birthdays.
13 Su CAN Gen. Pershing born--1860 Fine birthday for generals.
14 Mo LE Star Spangled Banner wrote--1814 Francis Scott Key was the feller's name.
15 Tu LE Tanks used in warfare for first time--1916 Birthday for tractor drivers and mule skinners.
16 We VI Florida Hurricane--1926 Folks born today always blow a lot.
17 Th VI Mose Moots born--1892 Blacksmiths and plumbers born today.
18 Fr VI Washington's farewell address--1796 Last salute to his country by the feller who put it together.
19 Sa LI James Garfield died--1881 A nation grieved because of an assassin's bullet.
20 Su LI Gold standard suspended--1931--England John Bull went in for silver fillin's.
21 Mo SC First photographs taken--1839 Birthday for snap shot shooters.
22 Tu SC Emancipation Proclamation--1862 Birthday for freemen.
23 We SC Linotype machine invented--1884 Printers usually born today.
24 Th SA Black Friday--1869 Peoples born today don't like stock market trading.
25 Fr SA Balboa discovered the Pacific --1513 Folks who poke around and find things get born today.
26 Sa CAP California real estate agent discovers Balboa--1513 Born today, you won't take no for a answer.
27 Su CAP Edwin Booth makes New York debut--1850 Women who want to go on stage have birthdays.
28 Mo AQ 165 I. W. W.'s indicted--1917 Poor anniversary day for folks that don't like the Gov'ment.
29 Tu AQ Michaelmas Day. Peoples always seem to date things fore and aft from today.
30 We PI Galveston fire--1920 By gettin' over both flood and fire, folks there must be hardy.
31 Th PI Who-ap! Wait a minute, Abner Jest what I thought, thirty days hath September.