Knew a feller once, that took a ladder 'long with him through a bull woods just because somebody told him he'd hafta have somethin' to climb a tree with when he went out coon huntin'. I sometimes take a rope to snag a limb with, but most always yuh can get along with a dog an' a lantern and a axe an' a gun.

Folks that think dark is the only time of day to get trouts don't know it all. In spring when water is high you can get more bites after the middle of the morning.

Wait before shootin' until you're sure it ain't a feller runnin' around the woods with a pair of horns.

In huntin' birds, figure out first what they eat. Then go look for 'em where some of that feed is at.

Fishin' for trouts in spring is different from other times. They fergit what a fly looks like, over winter time, and in early spring you'll have better luck with bait that looks like a minnow or maybe with a worm.

Reason why some folks don't hit any ducks is that they aim at the hull flock 'stead of at one duck.

Huntin' and Fishin'
Cedric "Weehunt

Don't waste shot on long range pheasant. Yon won't hit 'em no more than you will an airplane.

Best place for fish when it's rainin' real hard is at the place where muddy creek water runs into clear river water.

If you don't get a shot in at a grouse when you flush 'em, you'll probably find them again on a little higher ground.

Fish like shiny worms. Put worms in a can with some moss, sand and corn meal to polish 'em up.

Feller that aint game enough to let the bird get off the ground hadn't ought to be let have a gun.

Before throwin' back a fish that's too little, get your hand good and wet before taking hold of him. Take him off the hook in the creek if you can do it.

A coupla drops of anise oil put in the bait can will make the fish take to the worms better.

Best time to go fishin' for pan fish is when the dog woods start to bloom.