8th Month



31 Days

August born folks come mostly under the sign of Leo, the lion, according to Mr. Edwards, who also says he is courageous and fearless enough to have been born in August. Good fortune usually comes to August people, and also they are big enough and strong enough not to be afraid of things.

Date Day moon signs Today in History or Thereabouts Birthday Predictions and Observations
1 Sa SA Uncle Sam took over 'phone and telegraph--1918 Birthday for folks in U.S. service.
2 Su CAP Enrico Caruso died--1921 Cal Coolidge swore in as President of U.S.
3 Mo CAP Columbus headed west--1492 He must have followed Horace Greeley's advice.
4 Tu AQ England, Germany and France at war--1914 Birthday for people who like big fights.
5 We AQ 1st Atlantic cable done--1858 Birthday for linemen and messenger boys.
6 Th PI Lord Tennyson born--1809 Folks born today grow up to read about King Arthur.
7 Fr PI Trude Ederle swims English Channel--1926 Today's birthday folks can swim like ducks.
8 Sa AR First yacht race for America's cup--1870 Cat boat owners and other sailormen like this for birthday.
9 Su AR Very little happening today-- Don't know for sure, but ought to be Cedric Weehunt's birthday.
10 Mo AR Missouri admitted to Union--1821 Childrens born will have disposition to be shown.
11 Tu AR This durn month is too hot-- Fine birthday for thermometer makers and ice men.
12 We AR Lewis and Clark enter Idaho--1805 Birthday for pioneering folk and surveyors.
13 Th GE Manila captured--1898 Proving Uncle Sam wasn't fooling about that war.
14 Fr GE U.S. Troops enter Peking--1900 Birthday of folks who like chop suey.
15 Sa CAN Panama Canal opened--1914 Another ditch digger's birthday .
16 Su CAN Battle of Bennington--1776 Folks who celebrate birthdays today like maple sugar.
17 Mo LE Klondike gold discovered--1896 Day devoted to prospectors and discoverers.
18 Tu LE 200,000 folks leave for Klondike--1896 People born today just won't stay at home.
19 We LE Constitution licked Guerriere--1812 Noble victory for Old Ironsides.
20 Th VI Pres. Benj. Harrison born--1833 Also birthday for a lot of folks who don't get to he president.
21 Fr VI Future President of U.S. says "da!''--1833 Birthday for cradle rockers.
22 Sa LI Auto self starters first used--1911 Feller that invented the crank closed up business.
23 Su LI Commodore Perry died--1819 Last day for a great naval hero.
24 Mo LI Washington burned up by British--1814 We was mistook when we said it was Jan. 14.
25 Tu SC Treaty of peace with Germany--1921 Somebody must of told 'em finally that the war was over.
26 We SC Women in U.S. given right to vote--1920 Birthday for females who vote for fellers with nice hair.
27 Th SA General Jonathan Ryan born--1903 Birthday fer almanackers and general helpers.
28 Fr SA Yesterday, 1914, Austria declared war on Japan Folks with a chip on their shoulders born today.
29 Sa SA Evalena Schultz born--1904 Some very lovely things were born today.
30 Su CAP Second Battle of Bull Run--1862 Boys weren't satisfied with the first one, we guess.
31 Mo CAP Charlestown. S. C. earthquake--1886 We don't know for sure, but the Charlestown dance must come from it.