(Editor's note: Aunt Charity has put down here some of the old time remedies and superstitions that have been handed down from generation to generation.)

SUN PAINS, according to some folks, can be helped by tying a nutmeg on a string around your neck.

FOR CONTAGIOUS AILMENTS when I was a little girl we always used to wear a little bag with some asafoetida in it around our necks. It may be that no self respecting germ will come near you when you wear asafoetida, but just the same there are plenty of folks who swear by it.

CHILBLAINES, according to Milford (Grandpappy), can be cured up for sure by walking barefoot in the first snow that falls in the early winter.

TO STOP NOSEBLEED some folks recommend tying a piece of red yarn around your neck. I don't know for sure if this cure works, but it probably would if you tied the yarn tight enough.

FOR RHEUMATISM I have known people to carry a piece of raw potato or a buckeye in their pocket. In bad cases they sometimes carry both. One man hereabouts says it can be cured by wrapping a copper wire around your wrist, or by wearing a brass ring on the finger.

Old Time
Aunt Charity Spears

FOR HEADACHE we never had any of these modern remedies, and we used to relieve this misery by tying a piece of brown wrapping paper, soaked in vinegar, around the head.

WARTS that boys had they tried stump water on at midnight. Other folks I've known have rubbed the warts with cut beans, and one remedy I've heard about was to tie two knots in a string and throw it over your left shoulder.

FOR CHICKEN POX some people used to take the patient and put him in a place where chickens could walk over him. I wouldn't recommend this, but I do know folks who have tried it.

BALDNESS, if you're getting that way, can be stopped by saving all the fallen hair in a box, according to several folks. That would be one way of "saving" your hair, at any rate.

FOR A PULLED TOOTH, people in these parts used to plant the tooth that came out in the ground at midnight to make sure that another tooth would grow back in that place.

FOR EARACHE, according to some folks, you should blow tobacco smoke into the ear.

AND TOOTHACHE I've heard, will disappear if you tie a mole's foot on a string around the neck.