7th Month

JULY 1936


31 Days

The crab rules July, they say, and if you know anything about crabs you know they run backwards when anything bad comes their way. Just the same, with all those legs he has, a crab likes to move around a lot, and so do folks born in July. One reason for movin' may be that it's generally too hot to set in one spot for long.

Date Day moon signs Today in History or Thereabouts Birthday Predictions and Observations
1 We SC Premature firecracker day-- Folks born today generally go off half-cocked.
2 Th SC Garfield assassinated--1881 Aint no defense fer that kind of crime.
3 Fr SA Battle of Gettysburg--1863 Men here gave their lives that the country might live.
4 Sa SA Bang! Bang! Boom! No day for timid folks. Fellers born now turn into firecrackers.
5 Su SA Nothing particular happened today Everybody trying to get rested up after yesterday.
6 Mo CAP Washington. D. C. picked as U. S. capital-- 1792 Folks didn't know about Keokuk then.
7 Tu CAP Yesterday, 1923, Soviet constitution adopted Them as likes to wave red flags born today.
8 We AQ John D. was born--1839 Good birthday for folks who live to ripe old age.
9 Th AQ U-Boat Deutschland at Norfolk--1916 High divers and channel swimmers birthday.
10 Fr PI W. J. Bryan nominated for president--1896 Folks in silver states liked him fine.
11 Sa PI John Quincy Adams born--1767 Birthday for statesmen.
12 Su AR Aaron Burr killed Alexander Hamilton--1804 According to history, it was a case of the wrong feller.
13 Mo AR Atlantic Cable laid--1866 Telegraph folks celebrate.
14 Tu AR Bastille stormed--1789 Fine birthday for Frenchmen.
15 We AR Battle of Chateau Thierry--1918 Marines landed and situation was well in hand.
16 Th GE Czar murdered--1918 Marking the windup of old Russia.
17 Fr GE Santiago, Cuba surrendered--1898 Birthday for fellers who like Cuban cigars.
18 Sa GE Big Allied push on Marne--1918 War definitely headed t'other way.
19 Su CAN Summer is here for sure Birthday of the feller who invented the wooden nickle.
20 Mo CAN How's the weather over your way? That's fine. Same here.
21 Tu CAN Battle of Bull Run--1861 Birthday for policemen who can run fast.
22 We LE James Whitcomb Riley died--1916 Childrens lost a fine poet that day.
23 Th LE Steve Brodie jumped off Brooklyn Bridge--1886 Birthday for people who jump at anything.
24 Fr VI Yesterday, 1886, Steve Brodie got wet This day for folks who are served right by getting wet.
25 Sa VI One of the nation's great men born (The editor thinks it was that great statesman. Hon. E. Edwards.)
26 Su LI Wm. Jennings Bryan died--1925 Last day for one of country's most able, law-abidin' men.
27 Mo LI Seems like nobody thought to do anything today Born today-- childrens who grow up to be just folks.
28 Tu SC Austria declared war on Serbia--1914 And look what that started. Uh-huh, we got roped in too.
29 We SC German Fleet mobilized--1914 Birthday for folks who get moving before you know it.
30 Th SC Lum Edwards starts Hog chain letter--1935 Thoughty fellers with good ideas born today.
31 Fr SA Germany adopted republican constitution-- 1919 Today's birthday-- Republicans-- and Democrats.