This is a mighty interesting way to spend a long evening. Your guests can provide their own entertainment, and here are some things they can do:

1. Elocute. It's more interesting with gestures. One good subject for folks to elocute on is The Shooting of Dan McGrew, with a piano and sound effects when he's shot.

2. Sing. Lots of folks think they can sing, and usually all it takes is a little urging. Some­times it helps to have everybody sing the chorus (just to be safe, better invite the neighbors).

3. Debate. This is a good way of settling arguments, and it's interesting anyway.

4. Music. Have your friends' children play whatever instruments they are studying. This makes their mothers happy and helps the children too.


All the girls put up a supper in a box. When they get to the party, all the boxes are put together. Then somebody auctions off the boxes. The man who bids most for the box gets it, and he and the girl who made the box sit down to sup­per. The money from the sale goes to the church or club holding the party. If a girl wants one particular man to eat with her, she usually tells him the color of the ribbon she has tied around the box.

Entertainment for
Grown Folks
Sister Simpson


Some folks call this charades. Two people go out of the room and figure up what they will be. Then they come back into the room and act out whatever it is they have decided on. Like a waterfall, for instance, where one actor holds a glass of water and the other falls down. Everybody has to guess what they are.


Take a row of chairs (kitchen, dining or parlor). Put the chairs back to back, and have everybody march around them to the tune of a piano, organ or mouth organ--oh, nearly forgot to say that there should be one less chair than there are folks playing. Well, when the music stops, everybody rushes to sit down. Whoever gets left without a chair is out of the game. Before the next round starts, take one more chair out of the line and then continue. When only one chair is left, the man or woman who is left without a chair on the last round is the dunce and must pay a forfeit.