6th Month

JUNE 1936


30 Days

Through his double barreled telescope, Mr. Edwards has discovered that Gemini (not Jimminy), a couple of twin fellers, handle this month. We didn't know June was so tough it took two folks to handle it, but that's S'posed to be the fact. Childrens born this month are apt to be very thoughty.

Date Day moon signs Today in History or Thereabouts Birthday Predictions and Observations
1 Mo LI Kentucky became a state--1792 Today's childrens love bluegrass and thoroughbreds.
2 Tu LI Maine took up prohibition--1857 Wonder how that Maine Stein Song come to be invented?
3 We LI King George V. born--1865 Feller born today grew up to be boss of England.
4 Th SC U.S. stops Germans at Chateau-Thierry--1918 Guess it was a case of trying to pick on the wrong feller.
5 Fr SC Kitchener drowned--1910 Folks born today should stay on dry land.
6 Sa SA Battle of Belleau Wood--1918 You bellow too if your birthday is today.
7 Su SA Trinity Sunday End of the Easter season.
8 Mo CAP Andrew Jackson Died--1845 He was sixth president in line after George Washington.
9 Tu CAP Charles Dickens died--1870 Childrens should be named for this thoughty author.
10 We CAP Squire Skimp born 1801 or 1880, one Birthday for hide skinners and snakes in the weeds; one, anyway.
11 Th AQ Detroit destroyed in fire--1805 Fireman's birthday.
12 Fr AQ Coolidge nominated--1924 Birthday for folks that keep mum and tend to their knittin'.
13 Sa PI H.O. D. Seagrave killed--1930 The feller that made all the marks for goin' places fast.
14 Su PI Flag Day. Stars and Striped adopted--1777 Patriots born today.
15 Mo AR Magna Charta signed--1215 No day for tyrants to celebrate.
16 Tu AR Great Eclipse--1806 Born today, you stay in the dark.
17 We AR Battle of Bunker Hill--1775 Folks born today don't shoot until they see the whites of your eyes.
18 Th AR Sen. Bob LaFollette died--1925 U. S. lost a colorful statesman, and Wisconsin a good neighbor.
19 Fr GE War with England--1812 Seems like we couldn't get over battlin' those day.
20 Sa GE First steamboat to cross Atlantic--1819 Sailors don't like this for birthday.
21 Su CAN Longest day in the year. Childrens born today have a habit of staying up late.
22 Mo CAN Summer ought to start hereabouts Folks with sunny dispositions have birthdays today.
23 Tu CAN Prince Eddie of Wales born--1894 Birthday for stylish folks and princes.
24 We LE John Cabot discovered North America--1497 And that's what a lot of Americans ought to do in l936.
25 Th LE Custer's Last stand--1876 Brave end for a lost battle.
26 Fr VI Elizabeth Peabody due to make pie today Abner will leave Jot 'em Down Store early.
27 Sa VI Battle of Kenesaw Mountain--1864 That's what Judge Landis was named after.
28 Su VI Battle of Monmouth--1778 Folks born today will turn defeat into victory.
29 Mo LI Yesterday, 1914, Sarajevo, cause of World War How one feller and one bomb can kill ten million people.
30 Tu LI Tea got taxed--1767 That's what started off that tea party in Boston.