Evening red and morning grey,
Sets the traveler on his way.
Evening grey and morning red,
Brings down showers upon his head.
When the sun goes pale to bed,
"Twill rain tomorrows, so 'tis said.
When the sun sets bright and clear,
An easterly wind you need not fear.
When the sun sets in a bank
A westerly wind shall take first rank.

Clear moon, frost soon. A ring around the moon means storm here soon.

A rainbow at night is a sailor's delight. A rainbow at morning all sailors take warning.

When the dew is on the grass, rain will never come to pass.

Rain before seven, fine before 'leven.

Weather or Not
Grandpappy Spears

When ye see a cloud rise out of the west, straightway ye say, there cometh a shower, and so it always is ... St. Luke, XII. 54.

When clouds appear like rocks and towers, the earth's refreshed with frequent showers.

When the mist creeps up the hill, Fisher, out and try your skill. But when the mist goodbye doth nod, Fisher, then put up your rod. A sun­shiny shower never lasts half an hour. Quick thaw, long frost. The west wind always brings wet weather: The east wind cold and wet together: The south wind surely brings us rain: The north wind blows it back again. Leap year was never a good sheep year. Thunder in spring, cold will bring. The peasant prays for rain: The traveler longs for sunshine: But God gives each what is best.

quoting Grandpappy Spears

There are two kinds of sleep, according to the old sage of Pine Ridge. "The kind you wake up from feelin' limp as a rag, still tired --and the kind you get after drinking a cup of Horlick's, hot, just before you go to bed. Deep, refreshing sleep that leaves you feeling fit as a fiddle and rearin' to go."' There's no mistake about that. A bedtime drink of Horlick's relaxes the body, soothes the nerves. Helps you to fall asleep quickly, to sleep peacefully all night long.