3rd Month

MARCH 1936


31 Days

A pair of fish is the sign for this month. History don't say whether they're poor fish, or brook trout, but since folks born in March have good imaginations maybe it means you're a good fish story teller. Folks have patience enough to sit on the bank for a long time waiting for a bite.

Date Day moon signs Today in History or Thereabouts Birthday Predictions and Observations
1 Su AR First U.S. Bank chartered--1871 Folks born today grow up to be cashier of the First National.
2 Mo GE Missouri Compromise Art passed--1820 They're still compromisin' over Missouri, some say.
3 Tu GE War declared against Algiers--1815 Birthday for future pirate fighters.
4 We CAN Geo. Washington inaugurated second time--1793 Next year this time folks will be pointing with pride.
5 Th CAN Boston Massacre--1770 Inventor of baked beans and brown bread got scalped.
6 Fr LE Alamo Massacre--1836 Birthday for folks in the stock market massacre of 1929.
7 Sa LE Battle fit at Pea Ridge--1862 Folks born today are uncommon fond of pea soup.
8 Su LE Stamp Act Passed--1765 Today's childern apt to be mail clerks or postmasters.
9 Mo VI Monitor fit the Merrimac--1862 Marks birth of females who are full of smoke and fire.
10 Tu VI Count Zeppelin died--1917 He's the feller invented the big balloons.
11 We VI Congress put the Navy together--1794 Midshipmen and sailors sweethearts have birthdays.
12 Th LI U.S. set up post office business--1789 Folks who read other folks' postcards born today.
13 Fr LI Standard time established--1884 Birthday for folks that watch clocks and beat time.
14 Sa SC China squared off to fight Germany--1917 Laundrymen tore up shirts owned by people named Von Schnitzlewurst.
15 Su SC Uncle Sam went hunting for Villa--1916 People with taste for chili and frijoles born today.
16 Mo SA West Point Academy opened for business--1802 Birthday for future generals and privates.
17 Tu SA St. Patrick's Day Poor birthday if you don't like shamrocks.
18 We SA Day after St. Patrick's Day Today, you were born one day too late to be a policeman.
19 Th CAP Yale opened--1701. Stamp Act repealed--1766 Birthday for them as likes to lick Yale and not stamps.
20 Fr CAP Last big German push on Western Front--1918 Birthday for folks who come back once too often.
21 Sa AQ Spring supposed to start today. Poets usually pick out this one.
22 Su AQ Russia captures Port Przemsyl--1915 Born today folks who can pronounce Przemsyl.
23 Mo PI Aguinaldo captured--1901 Fellers born today get captured quick by women.
24 Tu PI General Coxey marched on Washington--1894 Natal day for torch light processioners.
25 We AR Just for variety, that date was printed in white ink.
26 Th AR Some feller from Florida--1513 Plenty of fokses named Jones and Smith will find Florida again today.
27 Fr AR Northwest rebellion bust loose--1885 Mild mannered folks usually pick out a different birthday.
28 Sa AR Treaty signed with Denmark--1830 Childrens with birthdays today grow up to play in Hamlet.
29 Su GE Foch made Allies boss--1918 Birthday for heroes. Lum Edwards probably born today.
30 Mo GE Uncle Sam bought Alaska--1867 Today's childrens are born bargain hunters.
31 Tu CAN Treaty with Japan--1851 Birthdays for fellers named Hashimura or Steve.