2nd Month



29 Days

A feller called Aquarius with a water bucket, is supposed to govern birthdays of folks born this month. Short of gettin' water poured on you, you're cheerful by nature and don't kick too much, according to our prominent astrologer, Mr. Lum Edwards.

Date Day moon signs Today in History or Thereabouts Birthday Predictions and Observations
1 Sa AR Lum just remembered his birthday wasn't yesterday Sailors and Lighthouse keepers birthday.
2 Su AR Peace treaty with Mexico--1848 Today's birthday people have cold foots.
3 Mo GE Woodrow Wilson died--1924 Birthday for peace loving folks.
4 Tu GE Confederate Congress met--1861 Today's children like fried chicken, yams and cracklin' bread.
5 We GE Saxaphone invented--1869 Fellers who toot their own horn born this day.
6 Th CAN Law passed agin' saxaphones--1869 If born today you will turn off radios.
7 Fr CAN First 'phone call from New York to Chicago--1892 Birthday for people who get the wrong number.
8 Sa LE Japan and Russia started a war--1904 People with quick tempers have birthdays.
9 Su LE Lauck celebration --1902 Chet Lauck (Lum Edwards) born today.
10 Mo LE Edgar Wallace died--1932 Memorial Day for detective story writers.
11 Tu VI Thomas A. Edison born--1847 Good birthday for fellers who can invent.
12 We VI Lincoln's birthday--1809 At least one feller born today got to be president.
13 Th LI General Ethan Allen died--1789 Birthday for good fighters.
14 Fr LI Valentine's Day and Oregon Statehood Lovin' dispositioned folks born today.
15 Sa LI Battleship Maine blowed up--1898 That's one way folks can start wars.
16 Su SC Fort Donaldson surrendered--1862 Gals born today say "yes" first time you ask will they marry.
17 Mo SC King Albert of Belgium died--1934 Children born today are be named Albert in his honor.
18 Tu AQ Jeff Davis inaugurated--1861 Birthday for folks who invent rebel and college yells.
19 We AQ Edison got phonograph patent--1878 Birthday for folks who are loud speakers.
20 Th CAP Allies shoot at Dardanelles--1915 Folks who throw bombs and bricks born today.
21 Fr CAP Fall of Jericho--1918 Boy childrens born today generally named Joshua
22 Sa AQ Washington born--1732 Birthday for fellers named George who chop up cherry trees.
23 Su AQ William Horlick originator of malted milk, born 1816--90 years old today Good birthday for great benefactors and heads of big businesses.
24 Mo PI Vincennes, Ind., captured--1779 We don't know what fur.
25 Tu PI Colts patented first revolver--1836 Ought to be Jesse James birthday, but it aint.
26 We AR Ash Wednesday--U.S. bought Canal Zone--1904 Lent starts today.
27 Th AR Henry W. Longfellow born--1807 Birthday for poets.
28 Fr AR Ought to be the end of month--but aint Still a good day if you want to be born in February.
29 Sa AR Official Leap Year Day--1936 Born today--you wont ketch another birthday for four years.