ABOUT WRAPPING--use enough good stout string, paper and cardboard to make a workmanlike job. Paper doesn't stretch very well, and if there isn't quite enough your parcel will be sticking out before it gets to where you're sending it.

Wrap the package and stuff odd corners so that the finished parcel is regular in shape with no bumps sticking out. A square package is easier for the postman to handle.

ABOUT MAILING--mail as early in the day as you can. Folks have a habit of waiting until the last hour of the work day to mail, and in big cities and little it always creates a big jam of mail. What's more, postmen aren't fooling when they ask you to mail Christmas packages early. Nobody but a mailman knows how tired a fellow can get in that Christmas package rush.

How to Wrap
and Mail
Dick Huddleston

ABOUT ADDRESSING--printed addresses are always easier to read, and mailmen don't appreciate fancy writing it just makes the job harder. Besides the name of the person the package goes to, and the city, always use the street address if you've got it, no matter how small the town. That prevents delay that the postman has to go through looking up the street address in his directory. And always be sure to put a return address on the parcel or letter. If the folks you send mail to are not to be found, the package or envelope will be sent right back to yon. Otherwise it goes to the dead letter office, and you would be surprised how many cakes, clothes and other gifts wind up there just because somebody forgot to put a return address on the package.

says Dick Huddleston

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