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We Do Satellite Tracking Programs

These programs are fully supported but were not developed by us.

ORBITEL is a FREE program that will filter satellite element files. The program can format convert, error check, sorting, and many other useful functions. It is a DOS program but at this price you can't go wrong!
VEC2TLE Computes AMSAT Keplerian or Space Command / NASA Two-Line Elements from a variety of different coordinate frames and units. Automatically extracts formatted vectors from plain text files and can replace existing Keplerian elements in plain text files.
WinZip is a Shareware program that will ZIP/UNZIP files compressed for download. This program is for Win95/NT and works very well. Take a look at the Home Page.

STSPLUS is a DOS based satellite tracking program. It is widley used all over the world by many different users. This program was produced by David Ransom Jr..


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