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As of 1 Jan 1999 we have discontinued this package as most of our users have upgraded to Windows 95/98 and WinTrak Pro. We have come to the conculsion that this product is no longer required in our product line. Please contact us for details on the special upgrade pricing to WinTrak Pro.


WinTrak is an easy-to-use program for tracking satellites in real-time on PC type personal computers running Windows. It provides a variety of features required by Amateur Radio Operators, Astronomers, and Satellite Watchers. Some of the key features include:

bulletQuick, simple clean operation, fast, accurate results
bulletDoppler shift calculations, both uplink and downlink
bulletSquint angle calculations for the OSCAR satellites
bulletPhase to mode tables for OSCAR operations
bulletInterface to the Auto Tracker* for automatic antenna pointing and radio tuning
bulletKansas City Tracker interface for antenna pointing
bulletNearly unlimited number of satellites
bulletUser configured multiple tracking stations, over 2100 cities included
bulletMultiple satellite tracking
bulletPredict upcoming satellite passes
bulletSatellite rise alarms
bulletFast tabular satellite rise/set options
bulletReal-time or simulated time satellite tracking modes
bulletSatellite ground tracks
bullet3-D satellite earth views
bulletTrack the Sun and Moon
bulletSatellite tracks across a star background
bulletStars to magnitude 6.0 included
bulletMultiple Station/Satellite modes
bulletOptical tracking options with range limits
bulletSpecial satellite groups available
bulletEdit satellite elements on-line
bulletTerminal mode to download elements or other files
bulletSun terminator plotting options
bulletPrint high resolution maps
bulletEasy to use Windows program
bulletLogging radio contacts option included
bulletSimple easy installation program included
bulletSupports any video mode used by Windows
bulletContext sensitive on-line help
bulletPrinted documentation provided
bulletUses NASA/NORAD Two-Line Elements
bulletSatellite database of over 850 satellites included
bulletWin95 ready, a 32 bit version will be available in 1996
bulletFree technical support via Compuserve and Internet
bulletHigh quality at an affordable price
bulletUsed by professionals all over the world

What will WinTrak do for me? WinTrak tracks orbiting satellites including the Moon, Sun, and Stars. The program can continually update the screen with the current positions of multiple satellites and tracking stations. WinTrak provides the user with a wealth of options to suit the particular needs of a broad spectrum of users. WinTrak is high quality software but at an affordable price!

WinTrak was designed to be easy-to-use for both the beginner and the expert alike. This program may be the best reason to switch to Windows! New with version 3.5 Auto Tracker or Kansas City Tracker interface to provide automatic antenna control with radio tuning for Doppler shift.

Why should I be interested in WinTrak I have a good satellite tracking program? Can your current satellite tracking software list all currently visible satellites and produce a list of the next passes? Can it provide a list of rise/set times for all satellites or just your favorite satellites? Can it display the satellite pass against a star background? Does your current software allow you to edit the elements and even provide a terminal program to download them? Can you produce a list of satellite passes for thousands of tracking stations with only a key press? Can you configure the program for your particular needs? Well if you answered no to any of these questions you are using the wrong software.

Computer Software/Hardware Requirements

WinTrak runs on IBM & compatible 386, 486, Pentium PC computers capable of running Windows in either Standard or Enhanced modes or Win 95. Other system requirements include; 4 Meg of Ram, 1.44M floppy disk, 3 Meg of disk space, DOS version 5.0 or better, Windows version 3.1, Win '95. A coprocessor is strongly recommended. WinTrak is supplied on 3.5 inch 1.44M floppy disks. The RECOMMENDED Minimum System: 386-25MHz with 4 Meg Ram, 387 coprocessor, Super VGA color graphics, 130 Meg hard drive, 1.44M floppy, bus mouse, DOS 5.0, Windows 3.1.


WinTrak is currently available for $49.95 + 4.00 shipping (US funds):

For technical support or comments about this program, you may contact me

c/o Paul E. Traufler
111 Emerald Dr.
Harvest, AL 35749 USA
Phone: (256) 837-0084, Fax: (256) 895-0754

For your convenience we have contracted another company, NorthStar
Solutions, to process any credit card orders you may wish to place with your Visa,
MasterCard, American Express or Discover card. Please be sure to mention you would like to order Product # XXXX when placing your order:

Product #1171 WinTrak ($53.95)

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c/o Paul E. Traufler
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Harvest, AL 35749 USA
Phone: (256) 837-0084, Fax: (256) 895-0754

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