Wilson's Creek
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Photographs of the Wilson’s Creek Battlefield

All photographs taken by John and Kathleen Tiller in the Summer of 1997.

Each entry below consists of a filename followed by the map coordinates from the Wilson's Creek module of Battleground Shiloh™, the viewing direction, and a short description of the picture.  Note that the orientation of the Wilson's Creek map in Battleground Shiloh™ has West at the top of the screen.  Click on any filename to see the full-sized image, or click on the thumbnail picture in the image below, or click on an arrow in the Battleground Shiloh™ map at the bottom.

The National Park Service states that the ground cover that exists today at Wilson's Creek is not the same as existed historically during the battle.  They have started a program to restore the park to its historical condition.

The following information was submitted by Scott Udell, who is from the Wilson’s Creek area:  “Two notes on ground cover at Wilson’s Creek: after the battle, farmers in the area ran pigs through some of the forested sections of the battlefield, so there is often less ground cover in places than there was at the time of the battle.  Also, my Dad told me that Osage trees (a very, very hard wood) were not to be found along Wilson's Creek back at the time of the battle, but now account for a good part of the foliage in the area.”   Scott has also identified a highly technical report about the efforts to reinstate the prairie in and around the battlefield.

Further information on the Osage trees comes from another fan: “I was reading about the Osage trees on your webpage. If they are what we refer to as "Osage Orange" trees back here, I believe that they wouldn't have been there either.  As I recollect these were introduced to prevent wind erosion of top soil
after the "Dust Bowl" disaster.  Up here the fruit, a large green ball the size of a large orange, are called "choke cherries".  Farmers keep them away from their cattle so they don't get lodged in their throats.  This information comes from South Mountain, my friend lives within walking distance of the battlefield. His family farm is on the 3D map, not far from the Washington Monument.”

Wilsons001: (38, 10) SW: From modern bridge over Wilson's Creek.
Wilsons002: (38, 10)  S: Wilson's Creek.
Wilsons003: (33, 12) SW: Wilson's Creek near Gibson Mill.
Wilsons004: (30, 12)  W: Wilson's Creek.
Wilsons005: (29, 15)  W: Ray Cornfield towards Bloody Hill.
Wilsons006: (29, 15)  E: Ray Cornfield towards Ray House.
Wilsons007: (29, 16)  W: Ray springhouse.
Wilsons008: (28, 17) SW: Wire Road in front of Ray House.
Wilsons009: (26, 14)   : Example of Cactus in area.
Wilsons010: (25, 13) NW: Pulaski Battery position.
Wilsons011: (25, 13)  W: Pulaski Battery towards Bloody Hill.
Wilsons012: (21, 16) NW: East overlook.
Wilsons013: (21, 16)  W: East overlook towards Bloody Hill.
Wilsons014: (21, 16) SW: East overlook towards Sharp Cornfield.
Wilsons015: (11, 12) SE: Sharp Cornfield towards Sigel's first position.
Wilsons016: (11, 12) SW: Sharp Cornfield.
Wilsons017: (11, 12) NW: Sharp Cornfield.
Wilsons018: (15, 10) SW: Sigel's third position.
Wilsons019: (15, 10) NW: Sigel's third position towards Skegg's Branch.
Wilsons020: (17, 10) SW: Near Skegg's Branch towards Sigel's position.
Wilsons021: (18, 10)  E: Skegg's Branch.
Wilsons022: (18, 10)  W: Skegg's Branch.
Wilsons023: (21, 12)  W: Near Edward's Cabin towards Bloody Hill.
Wilsons024: (21, 12)  E: Near Edward's Cabin towards East overlook.
Wilsons025: (22, 11) NW: Modern Wire Road bridge over Wilson's Creek.
Wilsons026: (22, 11)  E: Modern Wire Road bridge over Wilson's Creek.
Wilsons027: (22, 10)  W: Bloody Hill.
Wilsons028: (23,  9) SE: From Bloody Hill towards Edward's Cabin.
Wilsons029: (24,  8) SW: From top of Bloody Hill.
Wilsons030: (24,  8)  W: Lyon's marker.
Wilsons031: (24,  8) NW: Lyon's marker.
Wilsons032: (24,  8) SW: Lyon's marker.
Wilsons033: (25,  7) SW: From Union position on Bloody Hill.
Wilsons034: (25,  7)  S: Position of Totten's Battery.
Wilsons035: (26,  4) SE: From Union position on Bloody Hill.
Wilsons036: (26,  4)  E: From Bloody Hill towards Ray Cornfield and House.
Wilsons037: (33,  4) SE: Bloody Hill.
Wilsons038: (33,  4) NE: Direction of Union advance.
Wilsons039: (22,  5) NE: Position of Guibor's Battery.
Wilsons040: (22,  5)  N: Position of Guibor's Battery.


How ‘bout that, you’ve found the third RUWP Easter Egg!  Clues: this Union general fought the Battle of Wilson’s Creek and lived to write a famous report on the battle.  In fact, this General after the war made a living from writing military reports that were read far and wide.  If you think you know who this is, then let me know!

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