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Here are some other pages you may find of interest:

Here are some links devoted specifically to the new games that Iím doing for HPS by the principle scenario designers and other people:

If you are interested in playing an on-line game, here are some that I have done:

Great paintings have illustrated both the covers of my games for TalonSoft and my games for HPS Simulations.  The artists Dale Gallon and Andy Thomas have been very gracious in providing their work for this purpose.  To learn more about these very talented people, check out the web sites below:

For those of you doing research, here are some web pages that can help you with your work:

  • Guild Press - Official Records and Confederate Military History on CD-ROM
  • MagWeb - TONS of articles and information on military history

Reenactors provide a living portrait of the battles in the Battleground games, as well as images that are used in the games themselves, both still and video.  Here are some reenactment sites you should know about:

If youíve ever appreciated the freedom we have and felt that you wanted to show your appreciation, here are some sites that you should know about:

Know of some others that would be good to include here?  Let me know.

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