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Why did this used to be called a Battleground Page?

Because it used to be all about the Battleground™ Games from TalonSoft, from Battleground Ardennes™ through Prelude to Waterloo™.

Why is it now called just a War Game Page?

Because, with the introduction of a 32-bit Age of Sail, this page has grown beyond that original intent.

Why is this page Unofficial?

Because this page is not hosted by TalonSoft, the trademark and copyright holder for the Battleground™ series.

But you just said that it’s not just about Battleground games anymore?

I know, but I like the sound of saying something is Unofficial.  Makes it sound secretive.

Why is this page Real?

Because it is hosted by me, John Tiller, the original designer and programmer of the Battleground™ games.

Why should I care?

You should care if you enjoy the Battleground™ games (or now, war games in general).  Since they have been discontinued by TalonSoft, there won't be any more as such.  But these pages will attempt to carry on the spirit of the games in past, present, and future incarnations.

Who did you say you were again?

John Tiller.   If you haven't seen it already, there is an interview of me by Mike Dorn of The Wargamer.  I'm an independent contractor in game design and programming.  I've worked on a lot of TalonSoft games lately, including the Battleground™ games, Age of Sail™, and East Front™.

What's in it for me?

Well for starters, I've posted a Civil War Scenario Editor freely available on these pages that works with all of the Civil War Battleground™ Games, Gettysburg™ through Bull Run™.  It implements all of the functionality of unit placement, reinforcements, and AI scripting.  And it's based on the same interface as the original Battleground™ games.

Got any more?

A Napoleonic version of this same editor is being developed.  Watch for that later.  Update: its here!  Also, you are probably interested in looking at the 32-bit main programs.

What if I can't get this Scenario Editor to work?

You get a full refund <g>. Unfortunately, I can't support this editor right now.  But since it's based on the same interface as the original series, at least it should have a familiar look and feel.  And it comes with a complete Help file.  Since this is not a TalonSoft product, they can't support it either.  But I'm hopeful you won't have any trouble downloading and unzipping the file (that's all there is to it!).

What if I think this is the best thing since sliced bread?

Now you've got my attention! <g>.  Please contact me and let me know.  Also provide any ideas and wishes you have for the Battleground™ games.  They are still my favorite games!

So what's the catch?

Since TalonSoft holds the trademark and copyright for the Battleground™ games, you can't use this Scenario Editor to make money.  It's just for personal use and enjoyment.  If you come up with some interesting scenarios, share them with others.  Or if you have found errors in existing Battleground™ scenarios, here's your chance to fix them good!  Good luck.

Now that you’ve read this FAQ, you probably want to check out the updates in What’s New.

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