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Here are the Scenario Editors for the Civil War and the Napoleonic Battleground™ series.  Before you download these, you must understand a couple of points:

  • These are not TalonSoft products and are not supported by TalonSoft.
  • These Scenario Editors cannot be used for commercial purposes.

If you haven’t already, you must have a look at the FAQ to understand the reasons behind these issues.  I’ll wait while you do that.....   OK, all done?  Good.  Now on to the installation instructions:

  • Download the Zip file into a Civil War Battleground™ directory on your system or the file into a Napoleonic Battleground™ directory.  For example, the default Battleground Gettysburg™ directory is C:\BGG and the default Battleground Waterloo™ directory is C:\BGW.  Note: if you want to use the Civil War Editor in more than one Civil War Battleground™ game or the Napoleonic Editor in more than one Napoleonic Battleground™ game (you have purchased all of them, right?), then you will need to copy this Zip file into the other directories (or Extract its files into the other directories).
  • Run WinZip (or NetZip) and Open the Zip file, then Extract to the Battleground™ directory.  In particular, you should get files cwedit.exe or nwedit.exe (the Editors) and cwedit.hlp or nwedit.hlp (the Help files) plus some important dll files (don’t delete these).

That’s all there is to it.  When you want to run the editor, run cwedit.exe or nwedit.exe.  You probably want to create a shortcut to these programs either on your desktop, Start menu, or in your Battleground™ program group.  See your Windows documentation on how to create shortcuts for this.

Be sure you have the corect version of the Battleground software before you try the Editors by checking the Battleground patch page run by Rich Hamilton. Please note that if you use the patches from the Talonsoft / Take Two web site these editors & 32-bit engine will not work.

IMPORTANT: To download either Editor, click on either the icon or the text link below while holding down the Shift key!

Scenario Editor Icon

Civil War Scenario Editor Download Version 1.07 (NOTE: Windows 95/98 only)

Napoleonic Scenario Editor Download Version 1.06 (NOTE: Windows 95/98 only)

If you already downloaded an earlier version of the Editors, or already have the required dll files on your system, then you probably want to pick these versions of the download, which have the Editor and Help files, but not the dll files.

Civil War Scenario Editor Upgrade Version 1.07 (no dll files)

Napoleonic Scenario Editor Upgrade Version 1.06 (no dll files)

Changes in this version.

Changes in this version

If you download the upgrade version, look for either the file cwedit.txt or nwedit.txt after you unzip it for information on what has changed.

Be sure to check out the Scenarios that have been contributed by users.  These are interesting variants of the older scenarios and do not require the Scenario Editors, only the original Battleground game, to play.  And if you’re tired of playing and designing, then maybe you’re interested in a good War Story on a Battleground battle?

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