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You can use the e-mail link below to send me messages.  Remember that any software posted on these pages is unsupported and that questions about TalonSoft products should be directed to them.  Under the following conditions:

  • I will read every message sent to me, but
  • I donít guarantee that Iíll respond to every message, and
  • From time to time I do things like take vacations and goof-off in general so I canít guarantee a response in a short amount of time.

hereís how you can send me e-mail:


There are some other fellows you should be aware of.  Be sure to check out the Playtesters Page while youíre here.

By the way, if youíre curious, you might want to check on how my hobby is going these days.  If youíre a Civil War fan, you should take a look at my Wilsonís Creek Battlefield pictures, convieniently indexed to the Battleground Shilohô Wilsonís Creek map coordinates!

And if youíre in the mood for a game other than a Battleground game (yea, right), and youíve found all the RUBP Easter Eggs, then try your hand at the Real Unofficial Bobby Horton Name That Tune Game.

Finally, be sure to check out my new Recognition page.  This will tell you about some very talented people who have been helping me with my new games.  I think youíll be impressed

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