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Video Clips
SSHBEA Liteshod WGC 2001
SSHBEA Openshod WGC 2001
2001 Ala. Jubilee Walking  Stake Class
Pro/Am Speed Class March 16, 2002
Pro/Am Stake Class, March 16, 2002
2002 RHBAA Spring Stake Class
2002 RHBAA Spring Speed Class
2002 RHBAA WGC Speed Horse
2002 SSHBEA Spring Stake Class
2002 SSHBEA Open Shod WGC
2002 SSHBEA Lite Shod WGC
2002 Alabama Jubilee Stake Winner

2003 Pro Am Speed Class Winner

Trail Pleasure Racking Class, Fairview Show, April 10, 2004

Pro Am Speed Class Aug. 21, 2004

Pro Am Stake Class Aug 21, 2004

Double Java Plantation Pleasure Lite Shod WGC Sept 2, 2004

The Stanley Cup 3 yr old stake class winner Sept 2, 2004

NYPD 4yr old Stake Class winner, Sept 3, 2004

2004 WGC The Black Night Shade

Shout in Stake Class Sat. Night Sept 4, 2004

2004 Fall RHBAA Speed Stake Winner

2005 Speed Stake Winner

TWH 2006 National Celebration aftermath

2006 Res. WGC Speed Racking Horse (RHBAA)

2006 WGC Speed Racking Horse (RHBAA)

Speed Racking Horse 14 time World Champion "Speck"

He's Putting on the Ritz's Retirement

Show Plan For Horse Inspection

Emphasis on Inspection


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