Racking Horse Old Show Photo's
Beverly Hillbillies  2003 RHBAA Fall Celebration Costume Class Winners

Larris Missildine and Call Me George
 RHBAA Reserve WGC at the  1977 Celebration

Black Jack Ridden by Larris Missildine
1972 or 1973  RHBAA Fall Celebration winner of the Men's Racking Class

Ace's Little Man RHBAA Celebration
Believe it was took in 1997

Simon Garfunkel  ridden by Charlie Hall
He was speed racking flat shod champ @ Spring warm-up 1974, 1976, & 1977; World Celebration reserve speed racking flat shod 1974  (The local police clocked him @ 32mph)

Mighty Loose
3 year old world champion stallion and the reserve 3 yr old world grand
champion of 2003

Sunset Jubilee with Larry Taylor in 1976 won the WGC title this same year

Gen's on the Move 1995 RHBAA 4 Year Old WGC

Heir Trigger Owned by Jimmy & Jackie Wampler


Speck, multi WGC & WC Speedracking horse.


Papa's Choice 1999 WGC Racking Horse

Guaranteed Perfect 1997 WGC Racking horse

Pursuing Perfection  2000 WGC Racking Horse

Sara Missildine, On her horse in 1976. The horses name was CheckMate

Ace's Fancy Pant's

Bourbon Street Bum and Larry Taylor

Broadway Joe C. and Jimmy Yeager 1983 WGC

Call Me George and Larry Latham

JR's Black Sambo

Just Attention and Jimmy Yeager

Oil Stock and Jackie Baron, Oil Stock was the WGC in 1986 and 1987

Power's Foxy Mama and Joe Dan Carter

Patent Pending and Robyn Aumiller

Pride at Midnight and Mack Hess

Professional Bum and Tymine Collier

Sunset's Pure Delight and Harley Taylor 1989 WGC

Southern Gold

Powerful Threat (1985 WGC Racking)

Choice's Flashy Cut (Speed Horse)

Pete's Perfection (Speed Horse}

Speck, multi WGC & WC Speedracking Horse

Night Patrol and Beverly West

Pride's Perfection (Pride Perfect Choice TWHBEA) 1981 RHBAA RWGC lost to The Bold Master. Both were 4yr olds.

owned & trained by David & Dee Huckeba 1999 Western Pleasure Ama WC & Reserve WGC

Black Fancy Girl and Susie Wright


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