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It's early morning as an art lover peers into a gallery, perhaps missing the beauty of the true "Galleria d'Arte" that surrounds her.

A work in progress, this image was designed as a European street scene "painting." It includes a very high level of detail so that it will show well on a large canvas.

Galleria d'Arte
        Innocent Shadow was my entry in the November-December 2002 Frozen Moment round of the Internet Ray Tracing Competition. The image won first place and many people reported a strong emotional reaction to it. If you haven't seen the full size image and its accompanying text file, check them out before you read the making of Innocent Shadow. Innocent Shadow
        These images were created in the early nineties. One of my favorite tasks at NASA was to program real-time computer graphic displays, simulations that allowed engineers to view analytical models, and astronauts to test docking mechanism performance. I programmed the displays in the "C" language using the OpenGL graphics library.

My most rewarding (and terrifying) experiences were when the astronauts flew the simulators; they often asked for modifications to the software during their visits. We had actual mechanisms moving lockstep with the displays, so there was always the possibility of damaging test hardware.