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There's great cycling around Huntsville Alabama and these pages contain over 60 ride routes. The routes can be sorted on a table and many of them can be viewed on a map (larger map).
A few distant rides and touring routes are listed below.

A popular start location is the Cove Park ballfields just east of town, near Hampton Cove, or the Flint River Greenway parking lot nearby. 15 routes are gathered together on the Cove Park ballfields page, which can also be viewed on a map.

Road on the Joyce Kilmer metric loop
        My favorite Huntsville Area Rides...

   bikegirl  Metric century distance
Cotaco Backroads
Dam Grant
Guntersville Parks Hytop Loop

   bikegirl  3/4 century distance
Grant-Nat Mountains
Lynchburg Hills
Paint Rock Valley
Skyline Loop
Huntsville area map
        Great out of town rides Group at the De Soto state park
        Credit card tours  (about credit card touring)

Far away rides

Cyclists riding the Ridge of the Rockies
        Odds & Ends Trip reports

      biker  Colorado Mountains - July 2006
      biker  French Alps trip photos - August 2006

Grenoble France
        Huntsville Area Climbs

The mountains in and around Huntsville offer some excellent cycling. The climbs don't gain a lot of elevation, ranging from 350 to just over 1,000 feet, but some are very steep. This webpage charts 35 local road climbs with elevation profiles and other useful information.

Elevation chart
        Climbing Power Calculator

Enter your weight, elevation gain, and the time it took...

pounds, gaining feet in minutes

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Angie and Mark on l'Alpe d'Huez
        Some great products

DiNotte Lights
DiMarkeā„¢ Tail Light
Selle SMP Saddles
Tubi Seatbag
Assos Bibshorts
Maxi Cincio Bottle
Specialized Footbeds
Italian Road Bike Mirror
DeFeet Wooleator Socks
52mm Michelin Tubes
Osymetric chainrings
Lake shoes
Comparison between DiNotte and DiMarke