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2/27/98; 6.75 hrs; riveted left ribs to rear spar; dimpled left bottom skins and clecoed to skeleton; rigged right leading edge ribs; trial fitting of right leading edge skin.


wing-54.jpg (34726 bytes)


A threaded rod is rigged through the tooling holes of the leading edge ribs to serve as a jig. Nuts are run onto the rod to hold the ribs in position. Chucking the threaded rod into a drill makes a tedious job slightly less tedious.




wing-52.jpg (19994 bytes)


Little scraps of stock combined with clecos to clamp the leading edge flush with main skins.





First fitting of right leading edge. Everything lines up!!

wing-55.jpg (56816 bytes)


2/28/98; 5.0 hrs; drilled, dimpled, riveted right leading edge; right leading edge complete.


wing-56.jpg (40495 bytes)


3/1/98; 2.75 hrs; jigged left leading edge ribs; drilled left leading edge skin to ribs; dimpled leading edge ribs.

3/2/98; 6.5 hrs; dimpled and riveted left leading edge skin; installed Duckworks landing light mounts in right leading edge; bolted right leading edge to spar, ready to rivet.


wing-57.jpg (16827 bytes)


The Duckworks kit includes templates for cutting a hole (!!?!) in the leading edge.





wing-59.jpg (18256 bytes)


A cut-off wheel in a Dremel tool makes a neat cut if you have a steady hand....make several passes and take your time in the corners. The 2" Scotchbrite wheel will polish the edges nicely.





wing-58.jpg (28192 bytes)


Another template was transferred to lite ply and the holes drilled for plate-nuts in the ribs. This would be VERY interesting on a completed wing!





wing-60.jpg (24653 bytes)


The Duckworks kit uses the reflector and bulb from an after-market automotive driving light. The reflector will mount in this plate. The mounting holes are over-sized to give an adequate adjustment range.




wing-61.jpg (24155 bytes)


Here is the plate installed (looking at the bottom of the wing). The instructions assured us that the lens will fit through the opening! Overall, I would give the Duckworks kit an A- for fit, completeness, value, and hopefully, effectiveness.


3/3/98; 4.5 hrs; installed landing light mount in left leading edge; riveted both leading edges to spars.




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