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1/20/99; 1.0 hrs; installed switches and labels.

2/6/99; 3.5 hrs; tested radio/intercom wiring harness (they work); installed com and transponder antennae.

2/10/99; 2.25 hrs; wired fuse panels.


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The wiring architecture is per Bob Nucholls "AeroElectric Connection". Here are the Bussmann fuse blocks that replace the conventional breakers. The blocks carry automotive blade-type fuses. This is a split buss system; The small cube is a diode that prevents backfeeding from the essential buss to the main buss.



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Backside of load center with harness completed. This is a very easy system to fabricate; Less than two hours to wire the fuse blocks due to crimped FastOn connectors. Don't you just luv the cute little yellow cable ties...






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The other end of the power harness. Leads are labeled and ready for connection to the panel switches and avionics.




2/11/99; 6.0 hrs; Wiring, Wiring, Wiring (sing to the tune of "Rolling, Rolling, Rolling, Keep Those Wagons Rolling...)


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Here is the grounding block on the back of the firewall. A brass bolt carries through the firewall for the ground strap from the crankcase. Use of FastOn terminals really speeds up the wiring.




1/12/99; 4.25 hrs; Still wiring......


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The wiring harness taking shape forward of the panel. I placed several padded clamps in the area and started stringing wires through the clamps. As the bundles are finished, they are strapped with cable ties every few inches. Grommets are used where the harness penetrates metal.






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The panel comes to rest in its rightful place! Also visible is the harness beneath the seats that goes to the wings. Loose wires get masking tape tags so I won't have to spend hours tracing anonymous wires!




A flexible wiring conduit will carry a bundle (including antennae coax) from the seat area up to the panel via the control console. This seemed to be the best way to hide the harness yet leave it available for future upgrades (Another reason for retaining the console).

2/18/99; 2.0 hrs; More wiring...


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