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Building the Fuselage

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8/8/98; 4.0 hrs; fabricated inspection hole and cover in rear of fuse; first trial fitup of vertical and horizontal stabilizers; installed additional J-stringer to bottom of fuse; fabricated and drilled covers for F-604 bulkhead channels.


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The inspection hole is for attaching the pushrod to the elevator horns and tightening the vertical stab attach nuts. I can just get my hand through the hole on a good day. I used the cutout from the large hole in the aft rear deck for the cover.



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Here is the aft deck with the rear bulkhead for the top skin. Once this deck is attached, the fuse is very stiff. The rear spar of the horiz stab bolts to the bars protruding from the deck.





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First trial fitup of the tail surfaces! This thing may turn out to be an airplane after all....






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Considerable oil-canning was observed in one of the large bays of the fuse bottom. A scrap J-stringer was just long enough to span the length of the bay and eliminated the flexing of the skin. By the way, drain holes were drilled in the bottoms of the bulkheads to allow water to easily flow to the rear of the fuse.




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Caps (covers) are fabricated to enclose the F-604 channels. These will be attached with pulled rivets. Wonder if the RV6 would fly very long with that 1x8 as a spar......the J-3 does ok....

You will notice that the interior of the fuse has been.....cough.....gag.....primed. This is not due to a fear of the fuse corroding before my eyes, but as a prep for the interior paint. It didn't take much longer to prime the whole thing once the spray gun was fired up.



8/10/98; 4.25 hrs; constructing F-631 cabin frame.


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8/11/98; 3.0 hrs; fabricated and drilled angles for F-631 to fuse and channels.






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