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Building the Fuselage

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5/28/98; 4.5 hrs; assembling longerons to firewall/F-604.

Here are some details of the firewall to F-604 assembly:


fuse-26.jpg (42361 bytes)


        fuse-27.jpg (42916 bytes)


fuse-28.jpg (42224 bytes)


fuse-29.jpg (66220 bytes)









5/29/98; 3.0 hrs; more of the same...

6/1/98;4.5 hrs; assembled brake pedals; mounted pedal assembly in fuse.

fuse-30.jpg (36541 bytes)


Detail showing brake pedals; Make sure you build a right and left pedal...




fuse-31.jpg (47635 bytes)


Pedal assembly ready to go into fuse. I haven't mounted the center bearing block yet since the firewall recess hasn't been installed.




fuse-32.jpg (54117 bytes)


6/2/98; 4.25 hrs; modified and drilled seat ribs to F-604; installed armrests.

fuse-33.jpg (47404 bytes)


The two center seat ribs are modified as shown so they can be removed to facilitate installation of contol columns.





fuse-34.jpg (48050 bytes)


fuse-35.jpg (76084 bytes)


The fuse skeleton is taking shape...







6/6/98; 3.25 hrs; installed remaining ribs and stringers on right side of fuse.


fuse-36.jpg (59632 bytes)


6/7/98; 1.75 hrs; did the following:


fuse-37.jpg (57951 bytes)


Everything lined up very nicely except one bulkhead which caused an inward bow in the bottom stringers. After considerable head-scratching, I decided the easiest way to resolve the problem was to cut the bulkhead as shown. This allowed the the stringers to reflex back into the proper position. (The gap shows how much out of line the stringers were.) I used a Dremel tool with cut-off wheel to make the cuts (you really need a Dremel tool!).


fuse-38.jpg (52150 bytes)


The cuts were closed with .032 scrap which will be riveted in place. The bulkheads now fit exactly as they should.






6/8/98; 4.5 hrs; primed a bunch of fuse stuff; began riveting fuse skeleton.

6/9/98; 4.0 hrs; riveting fuse skeleton; installed tailwheel mount.


fuse-39.jpg (49587 bytes)


6/11/98; 4.0 hrs; removed, primed and revited various fuse skeleton stuff.

6/12/98; 1.0 hrs; completed riveting fuse skeleton; fuse ready for skin.


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