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Building the Fuselage

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4/29/98; 4.5 hrs; assembling and riveting F-606 bulkhead and associated bellcrank ribs.

4/30/98; .75 hrs; assembling F-606 bulkhead.

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I am assembling as many sub-assemblies  as possible prior to jigging the fuse. The Justice instructions are being consulted quite frequently.








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Here are detail shots of the elevator bellcrank ribs and attachments.








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5/1/98; 2.5 hrs; completed F606 bulkhead assembly.


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Fitting the rub blocks for the shoulder belt cables in the baggage bulkhead.








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The F606 bulkhead complete with baggage compartment panel, top rib, and bellcrank. Now I just need a fuse to fit around it......







5/7/98; 2.5 hrs; completed assembly of remaining fuse bulkheads.

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5/9/98; 4.0 hrs; disassembled, deburred, primed, reassembled firewall; primed all fuse bulkheads assembled thusfar.

5/12/98; 1.0 hrs; completed riveting firewall.

5/13/98; 2.0 hrs; drilled seat and baggage ribs to bulkheads.

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The center section of the fuse is basically assembled. It will be tweaked into proper alignment in the jig.






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I am doing as much work on the fuse as possible prior to setting up the jig. All the bulkheads and the firewall are completed. They are very easy to handle on the bench. The F-604 will also be attached to the seat ribs.



5/25/98; 6.5 hrs; built wing rack; set up fuse jig; jigged firewall and bulkheads; formed fuse longerons.


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End of a busy Memorial Day afternoon....




5/26/98; 2.5 hrs; more fuse jigging....


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5/27/98; 1.5 hrs; drilled longerons and gussets to engine mount bracket; jigged F-604.

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Instead of fabricating a metal or wood spacer to simulate the wing spar, I used 3/16 bolts, washers and nuts to space the F-604 components 1.240" apart. It is very easy to precisely set the gap using the bolts. Care will need to be taken to insure that no "warp" is introduced to the assembly when it is riveted.






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