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4/19/99; 4.25 hrs; rigging wings.


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It is indeed possible to mount the wings to an RV6 in a shop with interior sized 23'x23'. RV6A N413BB driver Bob Butler graciously agreed to assist in getting the rigging process underway. He said it is easier to mount the wings to a -6 than a 6A. We had an old set of wing bolts; I rounded the ends so they could be used as drift pins instead of buggering up the new bolts.




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Here I am making sure we don't crumple the bottom wing skin as the wing is slid into place. In spite of having measured the distance between the forward and rear spar attachments at least forty-six times, the wing fit very nicely.




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We dropped a plumb bob at each end of each main spar. You will have to compensate for the spar flanges on the inboard ends. Then a line was snapped across the marks.





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Concurrently, we took measurements between the tips and a point on the aft fuse to check the perpendicularity of the wings to the fuse. The wings were swept slightly forward (a very common condition); The rear spar attachments were trimmed so the wings would be aligned in a straight line.


4/20/99; 4.25 hrs; completed rigging wings; installed tank supports; began installation of aileron gap seals.

4/21/99; 3.5 hrs; working on aileron gap seals; installing flaps.

4/24/99; 3.5 hrs; fabricated and installed aileron pushrods; completed installation of left flap and actuator rod.


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The airfoil template was installed so the ailerons and flaps could be aligned. Since I shortened the manual flap handle so it would lay flat on the floor, the flap actuator links had to be cut an inch longer than the dimension shown on the plans. I also increased the diameter of the flap link tubing.


4/25/99; 2.5 hrs; completed flap installation.


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Here is the weird-shaped hole for the flap rod.





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The lower flap skin wasn't the right size to cover the flap rod hole in the fuse; I fashioned a cover with the proper jog to transition from the flap to the fuse and riveted it to the flap.




4/26/99; 1.25 hrs; drilled right wing root fairing.

4/27/99; 3.0 hrs; drilled left wing root fairing; drilled left wing tip.


Sensenich metal fixed pitch prop arrives.......only seven weeks late......


4/28/99; 1.25 hrs; installing gazillions of platenuts in wingtips....

5/2/99; 3.0 hrs; completed wingtip installation. Unlike the emp fairing, the tips fit pretty good out of the box; I only had to trim 1/8" from the flange that fits inside the wing skin.

5/3/99; 2.75 hrs; installed aileron control stops; removed left wing.


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