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Chip Chaser









What is it?: Thin metal blade thingy for extracting drilling chips from between sheets of stock
Size: 10" long
Where do you get it?: Brown Aviation Tool Supply Company
                                 5700 N. Rockwell, Building Two, Suite E
                                 Bethany, Oklahoma 73008
                                 800-587-3883 or 405-495-4991
                                 FAX: 405-495-4992
                                 Find it in the Online Catalog
What does it cost?: $6.95

chaser.jpg (27940 bytes)

Cheers: Works as advertised. No doubt can be put to other uses (see below).

Jeers: None

The Chip Chaser rested in relative obscurity on my workbench until just recently when it was time to install the flap braces. I really had not had an opportunity to use this tool since it arrived in the shop. The Chip Chaser is a thin spring steel blade with a hook cut into the end  that is used to pull drilling chips from between sheets of metal that have been drilled in place. Occasionally you will have situations arise where you will need to drill holes in stock that can not be disassembled for deburring; This is when the Chip Chaser is put into action.

chaser-2.jpg (42327 bytes)


As you can see, I waited until the flap brace was riveted to the hinge line before drilling the upper attach holes (we will not debate whether this was the best sequence to worked for me). The Chip Chaser was slid in between the two pieces and the drilling chips were pulled out with the hook on the end of the Chaser. I found the tool to work very well at this task, and the two parts fit tightly together after the "chasing" operation.






The blade is flexible enough to fit in some tight spots, and is made from spring steel which should take quite a bit of abuse, uh, use, without breaking. No doubt I will find other uses for this 'bout picking up small parts that still have wet primer....or persecuting errant spiders in the shop.....or, Oh, Oh, scratching that hard to reach spot while you have proseal on your hands.....or.......

The Chip Chaser is one of those tools that you may not use a lot, but the price is right, you won't wear it out, and when you need it, you really need it. I consider it to be a useful addition to my toolbox.




Sam Buchanan




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