WinPlot Installation Information

Install Wizards

The WinPlot display program can be installed 3 different ways. Two involve the use of an install "wizard", ( one for XP, one for Windows 95 ) and it can also be manually installed. The wizard programs were created to automate and simplify the installation process, but the XP wizard may be hazardous for older computers... It was created on a Windows XP machine and was tested successfully ( June 2007 ) on Windows XP and XP Pro platforms. It should ( I am told ) also work on Windows 2000 and "probably NT".

The XP wizard was then tested on an old Windows 95 machine, and caused serious problems... one of the system files that was updated by the install wizard ( basically ) crippled the machine, and a copy of the original file ( oleaut32.dll ) had to be retrieved to restore normal operation. A warning message appeared that said ( in effect ) "get a new operating system". ( = spend more money ) Another fellow tried it on a Windows 98 machine and had a similar ( ugly ) experience...

The Win95 wizard was created on a Windows 95 machine, and should work on any Win95 or Win98 machine.

WinPlot install for Win2000/XP ( 2.4 Mbyte, zipped )

WinPlot install for Win95/98 ( 1.42 Mbyte, zipped )

Considering the problems we have experienced with installs on older machines, it WOULD BE VERY WISE ( as a precaution ) to make BACKUP COPIES of the following files, which are all found in the C:/WINDOWS/SYSTEM folder :

  • Oleaut32.dll
  • Olepro32.dll
  • Stdole2.tlb
  • Vb6stkit.dll
  • Comcat.dll
  • Asycfilt.dll
  • Msvbvm60.dll
  • Mscomm32.ocx
  • Comdlg32.ocx

    ( some of these might not be installed on your machine, make copies of the ones that are installed )


    Manual Installation

    If you prefer to do a manual installation, ( on Win95/98 machines ) follow the steps described below :

  • Using the Windows Explorer program, create a new folder in the "C:\Program Files" folder, and name it "WinPlot".
  • Download the ( zipped ) manual install files, ( link provided below ) and move the zip file to the new WinPlot folder.
  • Unzip the files into the WinPlot folder.

    Then double-click the WinPlot_2.exe file to start the program. The program should start up and display the 5-lobe TEST pattern, with the main lobe at 315 degrees. If any error messages appear instead, please NOTE THE ERROR MESSAGES and report them to me. Also report what kind of machine you are using... what operating system. ( Win98, Win2000, WinNT, etc. ) These files should work properly on any Win95/98 machine, but might not work on other operating systems.

    Report an install problem to Bob Simmons

    Here is the download link for the ( zipped ) manual install files :

    WinPlot manual install files( 33K, zipped, for Win95/98 )


    Shortcuts and the START Menu

    If you want to put a WinPlot shorcut on your desktop, right-click on the WinPlot_2.exe file, and select CREATE SHORTCUT... A shortcut should then be created in the same folder... "drag and drop" it ( or copy it ) onto the desktop.

    If you want WinPlot to appear in your START/PROGRAMS menu, create a shortcut as described above, then "drag and drop" it ( or copy it ) to the C:\Windows\Start Menu\Programs folder.

    That's it...