More Economy Numeric Display Information

Description and Connections


Features :

  • Economy Numeric display for the PicoDopp
  • Three digit readout, 0.57 inch character height

  • Description and Connections :

    The Economy Numeric display is a simple 3 digit readout for the PicoDopp DF unit. It connects directly to the AUX outputs on the PicoDopp MAIN board, ( as shown below ) and updates about 3 times per second. It employs its own onboard 5V regulator to allow a bright display, and 3 type HC4511 latch / decoder / driver chips. Digit character height is 0.57 inches.

    NOTE : This display cannot be simultaneously used with the Economy Pelorus display. The "A" pad on the PicoDopp MAIN board must be grounded, to signal to the PicoDopp that the numeric display is installed. The PicoDopp software will detect this ground wire, ( when power is applied ) and generate the necessary output signals to drive the numeric display.