William Shakspere of Stratford

1564 Baptismal record. "William son of John Shakspere." »

1582 Marriage license record. For "wm Shaxpere et Anna whateley." »
Marriage license bond. For "willm Shagspere ... and Anne hathwey." »

1595 Royal record. Paid for "comedies or enterludes shewed ... before her majestie...." »

1596 Heraldic documents. Coat of Arms grant. »
Court record. "Petitions for sureties of the peace" against Shakspere, "for fear of death...." »

1597 Property documents. Bought New Place, the second largest house in Stratford. »
Tax record. Listed as a tax defaulter. »

1598 List of Actors. Ben Jonson's Euery Man In His Hvmovr. »
Bill of sale. "Pd to Mr. Shakespere for one load of stone xd." »
Letter. "mr Shaksper is willing to disburse some monei upon some od yardeland...." »
List of Hoarders. Illegally held 80 bushels of malt or corn during a shortage. »
Tax record. Listed as a tax defaulter. »
Letter. To Shakspere: "ffrende me muche in helpeing me out of all the debettes I owe...." »
Letter. "bargen with Wm Sha...." »
Letter. "our countriman mr Wm Shak. would procure us monei...." »
Tax record. List of those who moved out of the district. »

1599 Heraldic document. John Shakspere sought to add his wife's family arms to the Shakspere arms. »
Property document. A tripartite lease for the Globe Theater included Shakspere. »
Inventory. Shakspere is said to be occupying the Globe Theater. »
Tax record. Listed as a delinquent owing back-taxes. »

1600 Court record. "Willelmus Shackspere" brought suit to collect a debt. [Shakspere of Stratford?] »
Tax record. Listed as a delinquent owing back-taxes. »

1601 Will. "I geve ... unto the poore people of Stratford ... Shaxspere['s] ... debt unto me...." »

1602 Heraldic documents. Concerning "elevating base persons, and assigning devices already in use." »
Property document. New Place reconveyed to Shakspere. »
Diary entry. After a play, "Shakespeare [was] at his game [with a lady] ere Burbidge came." »
Property document. Bought land and pasture in Old Stratford. »
Property document. Acquired land with "Chapel Lane Cottage" and a garden. »

1603 List of Actors. Ben Jonson's Seianvs his Fall. »
Royal documents. The King's Men could "exercise the Arte and faculty of playinge." »
Royal document. Requested "Curtesies as hath bene given to men of theire place and quallitie." »

1604 Court record. Brought suit to collect a debt. »
Royal record. List of "Players" given scarlet cloth to be worn for the King's Royal Procession. »
Land survey. "William Shakespere Lykewise holdeth one cottage and one garden...." »

1605 Will. "I geve ... my ffellowe william Shakespeare a Thirty shillings peece in gould." »
Property documents. Bought "half-interest in a lease of 'Tythes of Corne grayne blade & heye.'" »

1606 Inventory. "There was Owinge by Mr. Shakspre xxli." »

1608-9 Court records. Brought suit to collect a debt. »

1610 Property document. Confirmation of Shakspere's title to land and pasture purchased in 1602. »

1611 Court records. Complaint regarding non-payment of rent. »
List of Supporters. A bill making the government resposible for "Repayre of the highe waies." »

1612 Court records. A dispute regarding a dowery negotiated by Shakspere in 1604. »

1613 Will. Money bequeathed to "mr William Shackspere." »
Property documents. Blackfriars Gate-house purchased by "William Shakspre" and two others. »
Record of payment. (John) Shakspere and Burbage were each paid 44s. for work on an impresa. »

1614 List of Landowners. "Auncient ffreeholders in the ffieldes of Oldstratford and Welcombe." »
Property document. Compensation for "losse detriment & hinderance" in case of land enclosure. »
Diary entries. Made by Shakspere's cousin, in relation to the land enclosure problem. »

1615 Court record. List of those who sought to obtain Blackfriars property documents. »
Court record. List of shareholders for the Globe Theater and Blackfriars property. »

1616 Last Will and Testament. "I William Shackspeare, of Stratford upon Avon...." »
Burial record. "Will Shakspeare gent." »