Ex malis moribus bonæ leges.

To the most iudicious, and learned, Sir FRANCIS BACON, Knight.

Francis Bacon emblem

THE Viper here, that stung the sheepheard swaine,
(While careles of himselfe asleepe he lay,)
With Hysope caught, is cut by him in twaine,
Her fat might take, the poison quite away,
    And heale his wound, that wonder tis to see,
    Such soveraigne helpe, should in a Serpent be.

By this same Leach, is meant the virtuous King,
Who can with cunning, out of manners ill,
Make wholesome lawes, and take away the sting,
Wherewith soule vice, doth greeue the virtuous still:
    Or can prevent, by quicke and wise foresight,
    Infection ere, it gathers farther might.

[@ Peacham 34]