An Authorship Analysis

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9/30/02 Additional AA headpieces and related images
9/13/02 Collection of AA headpieces and related images
3/21/99 Emperovr of the East Dedication
6/13/98 A Choice of Emblemes: Scripta manent
5/26 The first 7 pages of frontmatter from Mr. William Shakespeares Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies
5/19 Ben Jonson's Timber: or, Discoveries: Shake-speare nostrat; extracts from Every Man Out Of His Humour; extract from Every Man In His Humour; extracts from Seianvs his Fall
5/17 Ben Jonson's Timber: or, Discoveries: Dominus Verulanus; Under-Woods: Lord Bacon's Birth-day; extracts from Poetaster
5/16 William Shakspere Documentation: Detail; Summary by Year; Summary by Category
5/9 Henry Peacham's Minerva Britanna emblem for Sir Francis Bacon
5/8 Thomas Powell's poem To True Nobility
5/1 Site makeover: first major update since the "Shake-n-Bacon" site was created in May 1996.

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