To The Right Honorable, and my especiall
good Lord, I
OHN Lord MOHVNE, Baron of
Okehampton, &c.

My good Lord,
LET my presumption in stiling you so (hauing neuer deseru'd it in my seruice) from the clemencie of your noble disposition finde pardon. The reuerence due to the Name of Mohune, longe since honored in three Earls of Sommerset, and eight Barons of Munster, may challenge from all pennes a deserued celebration. And the rather in respect those Titles were not purchas'd, but conferr'd, and continued in your Ancestours, for many vertuous, noble, and still liuing Actions; nor euer forfeited, or tainted, but when the iniquitie of those times labour'd the depression of approued goodnesse, and in wicked policie held it fit that Loyaltie, and Faith, in taking part with the true Prince, should be degraded, and mulcted. But this admitting no farther dilation in this place, may your Lordship please, and with all possible breuitie to vnderstand, the reasons why I am in humble thankfulnesse ambitious to shelter this Poem vnder the wings of your Honorable protection. My worthy friend Mr Aston Cokaine your Nephew, to my extraordinarie content, deliuer'd to mee, that your Lordship at your vacant hours sometimes vouchsaf'd to peruse such trifles of mine, as haue passed the Presse, & not alone warranted them in your gentle suffrage, but disdain'd not to bestow a remembrance of your loue, and intended fauour to mee. I professe to the world, I was exalted with the bountie, and with good assurance, it being so rare in this age to meete with one Noble Name, that in feare to bee censur'd of leuitie, and weakenesse, dares expresse it selfe, a friend, or Patron to contemn'd Poetrie. Hauing therefore no meanes els left mee to witnesse the obligation, in which I stand most willingly bound to your Lordship, I offer this Tragæ-Comœdie to your gratious acceptance, no way despairing, but that with a cleere aspect, you will daine to receiue it (it being an induction to my future endeauours) and that in the list of those, that to your merit truely admire you, you may descend to number,
Your Lordships
Faithfull Honorer;


[@ Emperovr of the East, A2r-v]