To the royall, ingenious, and all-learned knight,
Sr Francis Bacon.

THY bounty and the Beauty of thy Witt
(Comprisd in Lists of Law and learned Arts,
Each making thee for great Imploiment fitt
Which now thou hast, (though short of thy deserts)
Compells my Pen to let fall shining Inke
And to bedew the Baies that deck thy Front;
And to thy health in Helicon to drinke
As to her Bellamour, the Muse is wont:
For thou dost her embozom; and dost
Her company for sport twixt graue affaires.
So vtterst Law the liuelyer through thy Muse:
And for that all thy Notes are sweetest Aires;
    My Muse thus notes thy worth in eu'ry Line,
    With yncke which thus she sugers; so, to shine.
     [@ Davies 53]