Valerius Terminus

of the Interpretation of Nature
with the Annotations of

Hermes Stella

A few fragments of the first book, viz.

 1. The first chapter entire. {Of the ends and limits of knowledge.}
 2. A portion of the 11th chapter. {Of the scale.}
 3. A small portion of the 9th chapter {being an Inducement to the Inventory.}
 4. A small portion of the 10th chapter {being the preface to the Inventory.}
 5. A small portion of the 16th chapter {being a preface to the inward elenches of the mind.}
 6. A small portion of the 4th chapter. {Of the impediments of knowledge in general.}
 7. A small portion of the 5th chapter. {Of the diversion of wits.}
 8. The 6th chapter entire. {Of}
 9. A portion of the 7th chapter.
10. The 8th chapter entire.
11. Another portion of the 9th chapter.
12. The Abridgment of the 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 21. 22. 25. 26th chapters of the first book.
13. The first chapter of {the} a book of the same argument written in Latin and destined {for} to be {traditionary} separate and not public.

    None of the Annotations of Stella are set down in these fragments.


    [The title] is written in the transcriber's hand: all that follows in Bacon's. The words between brackets have a line drawn through them. For an exact facsimile of the whole [see Contents pages 1 and 2].
    [13.] refers to the first chapter of the Temporis Partus Masculus; which follows in the MS. volume, but not here. It is important as bearing upon the date of that fragment.
[@ Works III, 215-6]