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12/14/2005: "Singapore doctors remove giant tumor from Indonesian boy"

Thanks to Hein van den Engh from Bergen op Zoom, Netherland, who forwarded this message. Don't know why the Jakarta Post used Wahangara as Lukas' family name instead of MBIRA. But thanks God, and thanks to the Singaporean teams as well as all the contributors here in Huntsville and Dallas. It's over now and Lukas is going to have a very different Christmas this year.


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Singapore doctors remove giant tumor from Indonesian boy

SINGAPORE (AFP): Singapore doctors have successfully removed a 2-kilogram tumor from an Indonesian boy's neck and chest, a member of the surgical team said Wednesday.

Lukas Wahangara, who turned 13 Wednesday, is recuperating well after the rare operation to remove the thyroid tumor measuring 20 centimeters (eight inches) in diameter, almost as big as an adult human's head.

"He is doing very well and started speaking yesterday," said Goh Yau Hong, one of six surgeons who carried out the 10-hour operation on Nov. 28 at the private Mount Elizabeth Hospital in downtown Singapore.

Details of the operation were made public Wednesday in the Singapore media.

The operation cost more than 20,000 Singapore dollars (US$11,900) and was fully paid for by donations raised by a church here, the surgeon told AFP.

Goh chanced upon Wahangara in the island of Sumba in May during one of his charity trips to Indonesia. The grossly undersized boy was standing outside an ill-equipped hospital hoping for some help.

Wahangara was having difficulty breathing and sleeping because of the tumor, Goh said, but the boy is now ready to go back to Indonesia next week. (**)

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on Thursday, December 15th, Umbu HM Tarap said

Angu mbuha tau humba ma ninda la nggi-nggini ka. Malla wa ka ta pamalangungu lai miri Yehu Karitu pingu luri nda.

Ruku na panamung na Nyuna, hi na wuangu anda hi peku na pa operasi ya na ana nda, na eri nda i Lukas.

Dira mbaha langataka ya na eti nda, ba ta ita ya na nggoru nai Lukas. Mbada hala na ka operasi. Nda nii anya pa na witta la nggoruna.

Mala wa ka ta karai tarima kasi weli eti nda la mbulu mbuta da da banjar ndotir la Singapura dama pandulangu pa operasi ya i Lukas.

Hama manai duna, tarima kasi ka wandannya mbulu ndaba da angunda da maweling la Amerika ( Pak Aris, Pak Petrus dangu da banjar karenja weling la Amerika mbu ndaba da ka, dama pandulang pa hungung ndui ri-rihi ma ndula ta la hamayang hi peku lanyapuna na operasi yeana.

Nda ta maka a pa mbalah ya na pandulang na na angu mbuhanda mbulu ndaba da.

Mala wa kata hamayang, mata ka i miri Yehu wiki na ma pabelinya nahamuna na angu nda. Mata ka naburi nda wai maringu dangu wai malala ka peku hanggela hawola ndaba nda ka.


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