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12/12/2005: "New Pictures from Singapore"

Thanks to the hardwork of Singaporean teams, Lukas is finally ready to go home on December 23, and enjoying a different Christmas due to the magic touch of Dr. Goh and his team.

I received the pictures from Mr. Tek Houw Tan this morning, and haven't had a chance to translate the email yet. However, I decide to upload all the pictures to share with you all the joy seeing Lukas smiling. Many thanks to Dr. Maria Tan and their local team and Dr. Goh for his medical team.

God Bless you all.

Lukas and Doctors (21k image)

....please click on [more] to see the rest of the pictures.

Lukas with Dr Goh and Drg Maria (19k image)

Ready for operation (20k image)

Lukas_in_CCU1 (20k image)

Lukas leaving Hospital (19k image)

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